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Year 1 Weekly Updates on Learning 2022-2023

Friday 23rd September


This week in English we have written sentences about Sand. We have also looked at Shirley Hughes Poem ‘Mudlarks’ and written our own poems about Mud or Sand.


In Phonics we have been revising digraphs ‘oo’,’oa’ and the trigraph ‘igh’. We have been writing words which contain these sounds and writing sentences too.


In Maths we have been accurately counting amounts to 10. We have been crossing out the amount of items that we have and proving statements such as ‘Are there six cars in the picture? ‘ How can you prove it?


In RE we have been focusing on some psalms from the Bible which show God’s love and care for everyone. We have been exploring our school to find out what we should care for, how can we live more in God’s way.


In Science this week, we had a great time becoming Weather presenters and made items for a weather station. We enjoyed looking at different weather forecasts and learning about the weather symbols.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 16th September


In English this week we have focused on the illustrations of the poem ‘Out and About ‘, Mudlarks’ and ‘Sand’ by Shirley Hughes from her book ‘Out and About.’ We have looked at sand and thought of our own words to describe how the sand feels and looks.


In Maths we have been comparing objects by height, length and weight. We have been practising to use the sentence 'the ……. is shorter than the …….. ' or 'the scissors and the glue stick are the same length' to explain our ideas.


In History we have started thinking about toys. We looked at some old toys and thought about how we can tell if its an old toy or not. `

Friday 9th September


Welcome to Year 1! This week we have been creating our class rules and have been talking about how important it is to always try our best. We listened to the 'Colour Monster' story and talked about how we can feel different emotions and what we can do to help ourselves if we feel sad, worried or angry. We have also been counting to 100 every day and comparing numbers by noticing their tens and ones.


The week ended with a very special service for the whole school at the cathedral, marking the beginning of a new school year and reflecting on the death of Queen Elizabeth II.


Please look at our for a Parentmail with the spellings and homework for this week