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Year 1 Weekly Updates on Learning 2022-2023

Friday 27th January 

In English we have been retelling the story of Lila and the Secret of Rain using a zig zag book


In Maths we have been making amounts within 10 using a part part whole model. How many ways can you think of to make 7?we have also practise the '5 and a bit' rule using different models to show this.


In Science we have been grouping animals based on what they eat. We used the words carnivore (meat eater) herbivore (plant eater) and omnivore (meat and plant eater).


Well done Class 5 for the lovely assembly on Special People.

Have a lovely weekend. 

Friday 20th January 


In English we have been retelling the story of Lila and the Secret Rain

In Maths we have been thinking about 2D and 3D shapes, how many 2D/3D shapes can you spot at home?

Class 4 did a wonderful assembly on Special People. We have been thinking about the roles people have at church including cleaners, money collectors and flower arrangers.

Friday 13th January

The start of the Spring term has brought lots of new topics for us in Year 1.

In English we have started a new text ‘Lila and the secret of the rain’ by David Conway. We looked at the illustrations to predict where the story is set and wrote questions for Lila based on the front cover.

In Maths we have been revising 2d and 3d shape names and properties. We have been making different patterns and describing them using the correct vocabulary.

In RE we have been recognizing Special People in our lives at home and at school. We learnt about the key things that make all these people special to us.

Lastly in History we have started to think about London and compared it to pictures of London in 1666 to begin our topic of the Great Fire of London.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 2nd December


This week we have been focusing on our phonics and learning the sounds ‘oe’ as on toe, ‘ow’ as in snow and ‘o_e’ as in stone. We have also looked at ‘ew’ as in grew and ‘ue’ as in glue. These digraphs are trickier because we have already known a way to make the sound so please try to spot some of these sounds when out and about or reading books at bedtime to widen the children’s knowledge further.


In Maths we have been investigating numbers and finding totals for amounts up to 20. We have been working practically using counters and cubes to find ways to make different totals as well as using our number bonds knowledge.

In RE we have created an advent wreath and lit the first candle. We read our Advent promises and learnt about the importance of getting ready for the birth of Jesus.

Friday 25th November

This week we have celebrated Maths week by focusing on odd numbers. We have been finding different ways to make odd amounts and created artwork using only a 3 sided shape , the triangle. We really enjoyed dressing up in our ‘odd’outfits too.


In English we have retold the story of ‘Grace and Family’ and made mini books by ourselves.

In Science we have learnt about parts of the human body. We worked together to label different parts of the body and created alternative songs like ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes. ‘


Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 18th November


This week we have been learning about bullying for Anitbullying Week. We started off recognising that we can all be different by wearing our odd socks. We learnt that we should be kind and respectful to others. We then read a story where Topsy and Tim noticed that someone in their class was being bullied. Topsy and Tim told their Mum and they ‘Reached Out’ for support.


For Interfaith week we also learnt about the different faiths and theat we have to respect others even if they believe something different to us.


In English we have been learning about Africa and we visited a Gambian Market. We learnt that there are different things to buy and that the markets can get very busy and noisy.


In Maths we have been using our part part whole models to find the missing ‘part’. We are using practical equipment to help us.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 11th November

For our English work this week we have read the whole story of ‘Grace and Family’ and discussed the relationship that Grace has with her new family. We wrote a letter to Grace to tell her what we think family are and wrote about our families too.


In Maths we have continued to use our part part whole models to split an amount of objects. We read word problems and then solved them using our part part whole model.


In Science we have learnt about our sense of touch and the different parts that connect to make our hands.

On Friday we held a two minute silence for Remembrance Day. We wrote about the war and said prayers for the soldiers who have died.

Next week we will be starting work on our shoeboxes for our DT projects. Thank you to all the children who have already brought their shoeboxes in. We still need more shoeboxes and toilet roll tubes.

Have a good weekend.

Friday 4th November

This week we have started a new power of Reading book Called ‘Grace and Family’ by Mary Hoffman. We have learnt that Grace visits her family in Africa and we wrote a diary entry to show how she was feeling.

In Phonics we have learnt some phase 5 sounds ‘ay’, ‘wh’ and ph’.


In Maths we have continued our work on ‘part’ and ‘whole’ when describing a group of amounts.

We have practiced the sentences : There are ……. in the whole group. This part shows……. And this part shows …..

In RE we celebrated the end of our Baptism topic and made candles  to remember that Jesus is the light of the world and that is a special sign used at Baptism.


Next week we will be organizing the reading parts for our Advent Liturgy. Please look in your child’s yellow reading diary for their words and help them learn them in a clear, loud voice so they can be heard in the hall.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 21st October

This week we have loved writing our own poems about Autumn to finish our topic ‘Out and about’. We thought carefully about choosing the correct adjective to describe the objects that we see in Autumn.


In Maths we have begun recognizing ‘whole’ and ‘part’ of an object. We have learnt the stem sentence ‘It is whole because I can see all of it.’

For Black History Month we enjoyed learning an African warrior dance on Tuesday and we hav=d peaceful protests around the playground to stop racism and treat everyone equally.

There are no new words for spellings this week, keep practising the ones that have already been sent over half term if you wish.

After half term the children will need to bring in an empty shoebox ready for their DT work nearer to Christmas. Please can you have a look to see if you have any at home as each child needs their own box.

Lastly, we look forward to seeing you at the phonic workshop on the 16th November at 5pm in the hall.

Have a lovely half term rest, the children have been working very hard , enjoy.

Friday 14th October

This week we have been exploring describing words and writing sentences to describe what we can see in a picture. We have been practising using our sounds carefully to write words.

In Maths we have recognised the days of the week and looking at events that we do in the morning, afternoon, evening and at night. See if your child can remember the days of the week song and keep practising the order of the days.

On RE we have been learning about Sacraments. We focused on the Baptism and acted out being a Parent, Godparent or a Priest in groups.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 7th October

In English we have been reading and performing poems from our ‘Out and About’ book. The children really enjoyed performing a poem as a class and in smaller groups. They added actions to help them to remember each line.


In Maths we have been comparing amounts using the greater than symbol ( >) and the less than symbol ( <). The children have really enjoyed working practically and saying the stem sentences aloud with a partner eg ‘6 is greater than 3. 3 is less than 6.’


In RE we started our new topic of Belonging. We thought about the different groups that we belong to at home and at school. We learnt that Jesus welcomes everyone to belong to his family.

In Science we learnt about the weather forecast and predicted patterns in rainfall over the week. We prepared rain collectors and looked at our results each day.

Please remember to check your parentmail and sign up for a Parents Evening appointment for 18th or 20th October.


Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 30th September

This week in English we have been performing the poem ‘Wind’ by Shirley Hughes. We have explored the wind, written describing words and joined in with the poem as a class.

In phonics we have been focusing on the digraphs ‘or’, ‘ar’, ‘ur’ and ‘oi’.

In Maths we have been comparing two or three sets of objects and saying sentences 6 cubes is more than 4 cubes. 4 cubes is less than 6 cubes.

In History we made a class museum with the toys from the past. We wrote labels so that everyone could see what the toy was and what it was made from.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 23rd September


This week in English we have written sentences about Sand. We have also looked at Shirley Hughes Poem ‘Mudlarks’ and written our own poems about Mud or Sand.


In Phonics we have been revising digraphs ‘oo’,’oa’ and the trigraph ‘igh’. We have been writing words which contain these sounds and writing sentences too.


In Maths we have been accurately counting amounts to 10. We have been crossing out the amount of items that we have and proving statements such as ‘Are there six cars in the picture? ‘ How can you prove it?


In RE we have been focusing on some psalms from the Bible which show God’s love and care for everyone. We have been exploring our school to find out what we should care for, how can we live more in God’s way.


In Science this week, we had a great time becoming Weather presenters and made items for a weather station. We enjoyed looking at different weather forecasts and learning about the weather symbols.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 16th September


In English this week we have focused on the illustrations of the poem ‘Out and About ‘, Mudlarks’ and ‘Sand’ by Shirley Hughes from her book ‘Out and About.’ We have looked at sand and thought of our own words to describe how the sand feels and looks.


In Maths we have been comparing objects by height, length and weight. We have been practising to use the sentence 'the ……. is shorter than the …….. ' or 'the scissors and the glue stick are the same length' to explain our ideas.


In History we have started thinking about toys. We looked at some old toys and thought about how we can tell if its an old toy or not. `

Friday 9th September


Welcome to Year 1! This week we have been creating our class rules and have been talking about how important it is to always try our best. We listened to the 'Colour Monster' story and talked about how we can feel different emotions and what we can do to help ourselves if we feel sad, worried or angry. We have also been counting to 100 every day and comparing numbers by noticing their tens and ones.


The week ended with a very special service for the whole school at the cathedral, marking the beginning of a new school year and reflecting on the death of Queen Elizabeth II.


Please look at our for a Parentmail with the spellings and homework for this week