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Reception Weekly Updates on Learning 2023 - 2024

Friday 15th September


We have had a fantastic first full week in Reception!

We have been learning new routines and skills such as: sitting on the carpet and listening, lining up for lunch in the dinner hall and speaking with our Talk & Listen Partners during lessons.

In Literacy we started reading our Power of Reading book: A Brave Bear. We focused on the text on the first page ‘Everything was hot.’ Then we identified things that are hot and described times when we have been hot. We created collages to display our concept of hot, by gluing paper and pictures and drawing pictures to represent our ideas.


During Maths we have been working on the skill of subitising: knowing how many there are without having to count each object separately. We have enjoyed learning with some of the Numberblocks characters. We have also been counting out objects and matching them to the correct numeral.


This half term we are learning about identifying and managing our emotions. We read the Colour Monster and talked about times when we have felt these different emotions.

During RE we began our new topic of Myself. We talked about how special our names are and how we feel when someone says our name. We also painted self portraits which look amazing in our Creative Areas in the classroom.


We have also enjoyed our time playing in the Green Area this week! We have been filling and pouring in the water tray, creating structures using the waffle bricks and playing shop with the food market and then cooking in the kitchen.


We have all had a great time getting to know our friends and teachers!