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Extra-Curricular Clubs

Summer Term: 2021-22


Summer term clubs run from Monday 25th April 2022 to Friday 8th July 2022. They are available before and after school and there will be opportunities for children from all year groups to take part.


Booking details are available via the links from Friday 25th March 2022. 


Please note: All bookings and payments will be direct to the club providers.


Autumn Term

Before School Clubs:


After School Clubs:

 3.20pm – 4.20pm


No Clubs

Ballet (Rec/Y1)

Glee Club (Choir) (Rec)


Tennis (Y2)

Rosary Club (Y2 - May)

Multi-skills (Y1 - 4.10pm finish)

Yoga (Rec/Y1/Y2)


Inside Tag Rugby (Rec/Y1) 

Karate (Y1)

Karate (Y2)


Tennis (Y1)

Tag Rugby (Y1)

Summer Sports (Y2)


Football (Y2)

Tag Rugby (Y2)

Summer Sports (Y1)

Ballet (Y1/Y2)


Before School Clubs: Children will need to arrive ready in their PE kit with their school uniform in their bag ready to change for the rest of the day. Teachers will remind children to take their PE kit home the day before. 


After School Clubs: Children will go home in their PE kit with their uniform in their bag. Parents need to ensure the PE kit is returned the following day.