With Jesus alive in our hearts, we celebrate each other and learn together as a family.
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Reception Weekly Updates on Learning 2022-2023

Friday 23rd September


It was lovely to see so many of you at the Curriculum Information Evening. A copy of the PowerPoint is available on the website under

Our School Mission Statement is:

With Jesus alive in our hearts, we celebrate each other and learn together as a family.

A copy of the three school daily prayers and the school Mission Statement will be sent home over the next couple of weeks. We encourage you to put them somewhere prominent at home and help your child to learn them off by heart.


Thank you for making reading with your child part of their weekly routine. The children thoroughly enjoy moving their name along their class Reading Race.


In Literacy and Understanding the World, the children looked at non-fiction books and watched clips to learn about bears from different parts of the world. They wrote or shared facts that they had learnt about their chosen species of bear. They also continued with learning to write their name in a variety of forms e.g. using playdoh/ felt pens etc. Next week we will be responding to the part of the story where daddy bear and baby bear are very hot and want to find a way to cool down.



Starting this coming Monday to Thursday the children will focus on one phoneme (sound) each day and on Fridays they will revise the four letters learnt. This week the letters are s, a, t and p. For each letter they will learn the letter name and the letter sound. e.g. for s the name is “es” and the sound is “ssss”. For a the name is “ay” and the sound is “ah”. Links to understanding phonics and some fun phonic activities can be found on the Curriculum Information PowerPoint.


In Maths, they have helped their class puppet to count a range of objects this week and they learnt the song, ‘One, two, buckle my shoe’. Next week the children will learn that when we count, each item is ‘One’ and therefore a given number is composed of a given number of Ones (e.g. 4 is made up of 4 Ones.)


In R.E. our first topic is ‘Myself’ and the children have been focusing on how God knows and loves each one of them and made them in His likeness. They have each painted a self-portrait and made a hand print. They have learnt to recognise their first and their family name. They have also been learning to make the sign of the cross and the three daily prayers. The class Prayer Leader changes each day and they enjoy the responsibility of turning on the class candle and leading the prayers.

Friday 16th September


Welcome to the weekly updates for Reception. We have been delighted by how well the children have settled into the routines of school life, made new friends and engaged in their learning already. Every child has taken home their five reading books each day and many children have already reached the winning post of their class Reading Race, for having 5 entries in their yellow reading diary. What a great start to their reading journey! Please ensure your child’s books and yellow reading diary are in their book bag every day.


We ask that water bottles are not kept in book bags as we have already had a few books damaged from leaking bottles. Most children have now brought in their PE bag with a spare change of clothes and a raincoat to leave on their peg. Thank you.


This week the children were introduced to their first ‘Power of Reading’ book. This half term the text is a fiction book called, ‘A Brave Bear’ by Sean Taylor. We will be using this story as a stimulus for most areas of the curriculum. The story begins with two hot bears on a very hot day. In Literacy and Understanding the World, we focused on the contrast of hot and cold. The children sorted photos into hot or cold items and also selected ‘hot’ colours and images to make a collage. Next week we will be looking at non-fiction books to learn about bears from different parts of the world.


In Maths, the children have been counting objects from 0 - 5 and subitising amounts (when you are able to look at a group of objects and know how many there are without counting them). They have also enjoyed learning counting songs. Next week we will continue with counting and also look at repeated shape patterns (e.g. circle, square, triangle, circle, square, triangle) and ask the children to continue the pattern.


At St. Helen’s we have a strong emphasis on Active Learning. Each day the children have specific Literacy and Maths activities to complete outside in addition to the resources for them to play with on the Green Area. This week they were using their name card to hunt for letters in their name and jumping on given number mats for Maths.


The children have been learning the three daily prayers (morning, lunchtime and home time prayers). Each day the new class Prayer Leader lights the class candle and leads the sign of the cross at prayer times. On Wednesday the children will be celebrating International Peace Day.


We hope you enjoyed seeing your child’s ‘First Day at School’ photo on Tapestry. We look forward to sharing moments of class life with you and also seeing any photos of family life you share. Do access our school Twitter account too for photos and clips of school life. @StHelensInfant