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RSHE Information for Parents/Carers

What is the purpose of our RSHE curriculum?


We want to enable children to embrace the challenges of creating a happy and successful adult life by equipping them with:


•the knowledge to make informed decisions about their wellbeing, health and relationships

•the opportunity to put knowledge into practice as they develop the capacity to make sound decisions when facing risks, challenges and complex contexts.

•recognition that everyone faces difficult situations in their lives – how can we support children  to develop resilience, to know how and when to ask for help, and to know where to access support.


Why is there new guidance now? What is it about?

•Came into effect in September 2020

•20 years since the last review of the curriculum – the world has changed

•Relationships Education in primary schools

•Relationships and Sex Education in secondary schools

•Health Education in primary and secondary schools.

•This guidance is for all primary schools including academies and faith based schools.



More detailed information can be found in the link and videos below: