With Jesus alive in our hearts, we celebrate each other and learn together as a family.
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Who’s Who

St. Helen's Catholic Infant School

Senior Leadership 2023 - 2024

Head Teacher:

Ms. A. McAuliffe

Deputy Head Teacher/

Inclusion Leader:

Mrs. C. Morris

Assistant Head Teacher


Mrs N. Chamberlain

Acting: Miss M. Ellis



Teaching Staff 2023 - 2024



RS - Mrs J. Seaman 

 RR - Miss A. Rideout

1C - Miss Z. Cook


1E - Miss M. Ellis


1B - Mrs J. Boness

 2A - Miss G. Adams
 2S - Mrs L. Simmons
 2MC - Mrs R. McCarthy/ Mrs C. Morris
 Year 2 - Mrs N. Chamberlain



Support Staff 2023 - 2024



  Mrs F. Nolan


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs. A. Courtney


Mrs. H. Harding


Mrs N. Woodford


Mrs. S. Guy

 Mrs J.  Spinks
 Mrs L. Adams

Mrs M. Cavanagh

Mrs K. Oliver


Office Staff 2023 - 2024

School Business Manager 

Mrs C. Onslow 

Administration Assistant:

Mrs. A. Trew

Clerical Assistant:

Mrs. R. Corcoran

Catering Staff 2023 - 2024

Catering Manager:

Mrs. L. Dancey

Catering Assistant:

Mrs. C. May

Kitchen Assistant:

Mrs. L. Piper

Kitchen Assistant:

Mrs C. Enever

Mid Day Staff 2023 - 2024

Mid Day Assistant:

Mrs D. Waite



Premises Staff 2023 - 2024

Premises Manager:Mr. K. Gorka

Cleaning Company