With Jesus alive in our hearts, we celebrate each other and learn together as a family.
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Who’s Who

St. Helen's Catholic Infant School

Senior Leadership 2021 - 2022

Head Teacher:

Ms. A. McAuliffe

Deputy Head Teacher/

Inclusion Leader:

Mrs. C. Morris

Assistant Head Teacher:Mrs N. Chamberlain
Senior Teachers:Mrs J. Boness

Teaching Staff 2021 - 2022



Mrs Allen/ Mrs K. Robinson - Class 1

 Mrs J. Boness - Class 2

Miss A. Rideout - Class 3


Miss V. Marven - Class 4


Miss M. Ellis - Class 5

 Mrs N. Chamberlain/ Mrs D. Oldershaw - Class 6
 Mrs C. Pettit - Class 7
 Mrs Simmons - Class 8
 Mrs S. Lee/ Mrs R. McCarthy - Class 9
  Mrs E. Webb - Maternity Leave



Support Staff 2021 - 2022



  Mrs F. Nolan


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs. A. Courtney


Mrs. H. Harding


Mrs N. Woodford


Mrs. S. Guy

 Mrs J Lygoe

Mrs E. Sankoh

 Mrs L. Adams

Mrs M. Cavanagh


Office Staff 2021 - 2022

School Business Manager 

Mrs C. Onslow 

Finance Officer:

Mrs M. Cripps

Administration Assistant:

Mrs. A. Trew

Clerical Assistant:

Mrs. R. Corcoran

Catering Staff 2021 - 2022

Catering Manager:

Mrs. L. Dancey

Catering Assistant:

Mrs. C. May

Kitchen Assistant:

Mrs. L. Piper

Kitchen Assistant:

Kitchen Assistant

Miss. C. Seabrook

Mrs A. Luyiga

Premises Staff 2021 - 2022

Premises Manager:Mr. K. Gorka