With Jesus alive in our hearts, we celebrate each other and learn together as a family. PLACES STILL AVAILABLE FOR RECEPTION 2021.
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Who’s Who

St. Helen's Catholic Infant School

Senior Leadership 2020 - 2021

Head Teacher:

Ms. A. McAuliffe

Deputy Head Teacher/

Acting SENDCo:

Mrs. C. Morris

Senior Teachers: Mrs N. Chamberlain
  Mrs. C. Pettit
Mrs J. Boness

Teaching Staff 2020 - 2021



Miss C. Hurst - Class 1

  Mrs J. Boness - Class 2

Mrs V Marven - Class 3


Miss L. O'Sullivan - Class 4


Mrs D. Oldershaw - Class 5

  Mrs K. Robinson - Class 5
  Mrs N. Chamberlain - Class 6
  Mrs J. Allen - Class 6
  Mrs C. Pettit - Class 7

Mrs U. Scully - Class 7


Miss Ellis - Class 8


Mrs R. McCarthy - Class 9


Mrs S. Lee - Class 9






Support Staff 2020 - 2021

Learning Support Assistants


Mrs. A. Courtney


Mrs. H. Harding


Mrs N. Woodford


Mrs. S. Guy


Mrs. F. Nolan


Miss. N. Rymik


Mrs. M. Lawn


Mrs. J. Lygoe


Mrs. L. Adams


Mrs. M. Cavanagh



Office Staff 2020 - 2021

Finance Manager:

Mrs M. Cripps

Office Manager:

Mrs. C. Onslow

Administration Assistant:

Mrs. A. Trew

Clerical Assistant:

Mrs. R. Corcoran

Catering Staff 2020 - 2021

Catering Manager:

Mrs. L. Dancey

Catering Assistant:

Mrs. C. May

Kitchen Assistant:

Mrs. A. Willis

Kitchen Assistant:

Mrs. C. Crerar

Kitchen Assistant:

Miss. C. Seabrook

Kitchen Assistant:

Mrs. S. Lee

Premises Staff 2020 - 2021

Caretaker: Mr. K. Gorka


Mr. B. Fitzpatrick


Mr. D. Bertie