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Year 2 Classes 7, 8 and 9 - 2019-2020

Friday 20th March



This week we have created our own shop. With a friend we designed a logo, made badges, made items for our shops and priced the items. On Friday we went shopping and had to make the amounts for each total and find the change. The children have had so much fun!



In English we wrote persuasive sentences to encourage people to come to our shop. We thought about why our shops were better than others. For example, Come to my shop because there is a half price sale on. 


Come and See

We read the story of The Good Samaritan. We read the story in the Bibles that were given to use by Ms McAuliffe and acted out the story with our friends. We thought about which character took to opportunity to do good.

Friday 13th March


This week we wrote about an island adventure. We packed a survival kit and wrote about why we would need each item. We then designed and drew our own islands and then spent time in English describing them using adjectives. 



We have been focusing on money. We spent time making different amounts and then moved on to adding two amounts together.

For example: £2 and 33p + £1 and 42p = £3 and 75p



We looked at different islands and discussed what an island was. Discuss with your children any islands they have visited before.



We made our own rain gauges and have put them outside ready to collect water. We will regularly check and measure how much rain has fallen. 

Friday 6th March

World Book Day

We loved all the fabulous costumes the children came in with, they looked fantastic! We spent the day reading and learning about Julia Donaldson books. In class 7 we read The Snail and the Whale, we thought about how brave the snail was and how he helped his very big friend. He thought about that even though we may be small, we can still make big decisions! In class 8 we read 'Sharing and Shell' and made our own collage rock pools. In class 9 we read 'A Squash and a Squeeze' and learnt the song that Julia Donaldson had written. We also made puppets and acted out the story and recorded it on Ipads. 



This week in English we focused on the author Julia Donaldson. We looked at lots of different books and even learnt about the author. We found out that she has written over 200 books.



This week in Maths we focused on shape. We looked at the properties of 2d and 3d shapes and also looked at vertical lines of symmetry. 



We read Monkey Puzzle and then looked at the life cycle of a butterfly. We discussed what we already knew and that what we'd learnt over the lesson. We made symmetrical butterflies and paper chain caterpillars!



We ready Night Monkey, Day Monkey and then looked at the different rainforests in the world. We looked at some of the animals found in rainforests and wrote a factfile on the animals.

Friday 28th February


In English this week we have focused on alliteration and poetry. We started the week by thinking of words that had the same sound as our name.
For example, My name is Miss Marven and I like melted marshmallows and marvellous meerkats.
We then wrote a poem that included alliteration e.g:
One wicked witch winking,
Two terrible twins twitching,
Three thoughtful thieves thinking...

In Science this week we thought about things that were alive, not alive anymore and things that have been been alive.
Alive - a rabbit
Never been alive - bricks
Not alive anymore - cut flowers that have died

In Geography and DT this week we made a class rain gauge to measure rainfall. We then planned and designed our own and will be making them soon.
Please can children bring in their own water bottle to create their rain gauges in the next coming weeks.

We are having a focus on spellings in year 2. We are asking all the children to look back over the year 2 common exception words and practise spelling them as this will help them when they are writing. Please also ensure the children are practising their weekly spellings too as this will also help the children when they are writing.

Friday 14th February


In English this week we were invited to a masked ball at the royal palace. We wrote replies to the invitation to say that we would love to come. We created our own masks and described them. On Friday morning we went to the royal ball, danced and ate delicious royal sweets and wrote about it all using past tense verbs.


In Maths we have learnt how to create and use tally charts and pictograms. Why not try and make a tally chart of something at home? eg: your toy cars, the different shapes can you see round the house.


We have also answered some of the questions that we thought of in our homework about Christoper Columbus. 

Friday 7th February

In English we have used the story of Cinderella to learn about different sentence types. We have learnt about statements, questions, commands and exclamations. In Year 2, the story of Cinderella also changed, when we found out that lots of shoes were left at the Palace, not just Cinderella's glass slipper!


In Maths we measured weight and mass. We know when we measure weight we measure in grams (g) and kilograms (kg). We felt different weights and then estimated if different objects in the classroom would weigh more than 20g.


In Science we started our new topic of Animals, Humans and living things. We went out on the playground with clipboards and iPads and took photos of things that are alive.


In our Geography topic lesson we learnt about the explorer Christoper Columbus! We know that he traveled around the world, found countries on his way and lived a very long time ago.


Friday 31st January

This week in English we read and learnt a poem about our 5 senses. We then wrote our own poems describing what we would feel, taste, see, smell and hear if we could fly.

We designed and decorated a hot air balloon last week and will be sticking our poems on the back of them!


In Maths we spent some time remembering some of the methods we have learnt over the past half term and shared what we had learnt.


In Come and See we talked about Chinese New Year. We learnt about the traditional story that is associated with the Chinese New Year and how people prepare and celebrate this event. We then retold the story. We also held class celebrations for the end of our topic of Books.


In Science we discussed the importance of keeping ourselves clean and in particular, brushing our teeth. We know that we have to brush our teeth for 2 minutes and timed this to see how long it actually was! We learnt about writing a list and listed everything we'd possibly need to brush our teeth.


Friday 23rd January

In English we have written our own newspaper articles about the Wright Brothers this week. We used all the knowledge we have about the Wright Brothers and their first flight to create an article for a newspaper. We chose our own titles and headlines too.


In Maths we used our knowledge of multiplication and applied it to solving number problems. For example: There are 5 pencils in a pack. How many pencils would there be in 4 packs altogether? We also spent some time measuring capacity in ml.


In Come and See we listened to and acted out the story of Jesus' Baptism. We then retold the story as if we had seen John the Baptist baptise Jesus in the water.


In Science we discussed the importance of sleep for keeping healthy. We learnt that 6-7 year olds need 10 and a half hours sleep every night!


Friday 17th January

In English this week we have been writing about our own hot air balloon adventure. We discussed where we would like to visit and what character went on the journey.


In Maths this week we recapped multiplication and started to look at halving a number. We know that when we halve a number it needs to be split in to two equal groups. We also practised measuring accurately in cm using a ruler.


Our Come and See topic is Books. We wrote a book review about Charlie and the Chocolate factory. We then read a story from the Old Testament and New Testament and acted out our favourite one.


In Science we discussed the importance of keeping fit and doing exercise. We chose our favourite exercise to do at school and at home and decided why we liked to do them.


In Art we designed our own hot air balloon and which we will be painting it in the next few weeks.


Friday 10th January

In English this week we talked about and then wrote the story of the Epiphany.


In Maths this week we recapped the operations +, - and x.


In Come and See we introduced our new topic of 'Books' and talked about our favourite books.


We have also started our new topic of 'Around the World' by looking at the history of travel. We found out about The Montgolfer Brothers and the first hot air balloon voyage. We also went on an imaginary hot air balloon ride.


There are no spellings this week.

There is no homework this week.