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Year 2 Classes 7, 8 and 9 - 2020-2021

Friday 16th July


So as Year 2 come to the end of their time in the Infant’s School we are proud to say how hard they are still working right up to the very end. Well done this week Year 2 for completing your work on the book that we have been reading and writing about called, The Egg Box Dragon. Well done for practising all your number operations. Well done for going out and doing some Tag rugby and running games too. Well done for reading every morning. Well done for keeping going during Lockdown. Well done for being such a marvellous group of children.

Next week we are looking forward to having some fun getting ready for our summer break with an Olympics theme.

Friday 9th July 


Year 2 worked really hard this week to finish off their leavers assemblies. These will be on the website next week so have a look out for them and enjoy.

The whole school made some largescale class banners for the hall. They look lovely – well done everyone. 

On Wednesday, we had a morning of sport, fun out on the playground instead of our usual sports day. Again, have a look on the website for photos of year 2 in action. It was super to see such great team work but we weren’t surprised. These children are great at team work.

Friday 2nd July


This week, we have all been practising our end of year leaver’s assemblies. We have been learning to speak clearly and share our memories. Well done Year 2 you have really been working hard.

In R.E we have been continuing to think about the treasures of God’s world. Our Homework this week we will be the last one for this year and is all about The Wednesday Word which is emailed out to you every week. Please email your responses in to the year 2 email address.

Friday 25th June



We have continued to learn about 3D shape. We have compared 2 different 3D shapes, noting similarities and differences and have also become ‘Shape Teachers’ and taught the class all that we know.

The key words that the children need to use when describing the properties of 3D shapes are


vertices      faces      edges.


They also need to use

straight  or curved.


We have been repeating the stem sentences for each shape

My shape is a cube.

It has 6 faces.

It has 8 vertices.

It has 12 straight edges.


The shapes we have learnt about are:

cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder, sphere,

squared base pyramid, prism.


In RE this week, we have started our new topic of Treasures. The teachers have shown the children some of their precious keepsakes and the children have discussed and written about their treasures too. The big question associated with this topic is: Is the world a treasure?


Have you ever lost anything? If you have the Egg Box Dragon can help you, he is great at finding things. We have used our imaginations to become a new character in the story, thinking of something we have lost. We then wrote a letter to the Egg Box Dragon asking for his help. The Egg Box Dragon is such a good detective that he was even featured on the news! Who knows how famous the Egg Box Dragon will become!

Friday 18th June



We have been learning about 3D shape.

The key words that the children need to use when describing the properties of 3D shapes are...

vertices      faces      edges.

They also need to use...

straight  or curved.

We have been repeating the stem sentences for each shape

My shape is a cube.

It has 6 faces.

It has 8 vertices.

It has 12 straight edges.

The shapes we have learnt about are:

cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder, sphere, squared base pyramid, prism.


In R.E we have been completing our Rules topic by discussing the importance of God's rules. We have thought about the importance of belonging to a community and friendship too. We all made friendship bracelets for our classmates. 

In P.E we have started tag rugby lessons on Friday afternoon and the after and before school clubs are great fun too. 



The Egg Box Dragon has come alive!

This week during English we predicted what might happen after the Egg Box Dragon was put asleep under the moon. Our ideas were all different, some of us thought he would become huge. Some of us thought he would become tiny and some of us thought he would come alive! We then found out that he did indeed become a real dragon!

Friday 11th June



This week we started to read a new book called The Adventures of The Egg Box Dragon. We have only read the first 3 pages but so far we have, written instructions about how to make a cardboard box dragon, decided what type of adventure stories we like and predicted what might happen next. Next week we will be writing our own versions of the story.



In maths this week we have learnt about 2D shapes. We have repeated the sentences:

My shape is a…

It has ____vertices.

It has ____sides.

We have learnt about triangles, squares, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons and octagons.

We know that the vertices is where to sides meet.

We know that sides can be straight or curved.

We even had fun being teachers and presenting a mini lesson to our friends.


Please remember if you go home in your P.E. kit to bring it back the very next day.

Friday 21st May


This week in English we have been focusing on vocabulary. We have introduced the terms synonym (words with similar meanings) and antonym (words with opposite meanings). We have made word banks, changed words in texts and re written passages adding our own exciting vocabulary.


This week in Maths we have re visited money. We have shopped, added amounts and found change.

We have also continually practiced telling the time throughout the day. This has really helped develop this important skill. We all now know exactly when it is time to stop for a play and when we can eat our dinner!


In R.E. we have started our new topic about Rules. We have thought why rules are important. We have also thought of vocabulary that describes how to follow God’s rules.

Friday 14th May


This week in Year 2 we have really focused on reading comprehensions. We have though carefully about answering questions that relate to a text. We have focused on our handwriting this week when we wrote our letters to a local care home using the information we had gathered in our homework. We are sending them off this week and hope to get some replies.

In R. E we have looked at Hindu shrines and also at the Puja tray which sits at the front of the shrine. We have really enjoyed and benefitted from learning about another faith.

During science lessons, we have continued to focus on the habitats of animals. This week we have focused on the ocean and the rainforest as two habitats. We have looked at the animals that live there and learnt how they adapt to their surroundings.

This week in Maths we have been solving word problems. We have worked out what operation the problem is asking us to do and used an appropriate method to solve it.


There were 6 bowls with 5 apples in each.

How many apples were there altogether?


This problem is telling us that there are 6 groups of 5.

We know that this can be written as 6X5 and that we can solve it with jottings or even counting in 5s on our fingers.


We have also been continuing to practise telling the time.


Friday 7th May


In this short week, we have started to use a method to help us write called Talk for Writing. This is when the children learn a book , or part of it off by hear using oral recall and actions. We have been studying a book called 'The Treasure Chest.' Ask your child to tell you the beginning of the story and see how much they can remember. Next week, we will use this activity to enhance our story writing techniques.


In Maths we have continued to work on telling the time. We recapped on o’clock, half past and quarter past and then moved onto quarter to. For those who were ready we moved onto telling the time in units of 5 minutes.

See the attached video for guidance.


In R.E we have been celebrating, the end of our topic 'Spread the Good News.' We have studied the Ascension and Pentecost. We have been considering the question - Why should we spread Good News? The children have made some Love pictures and collages whilst we listened to hymns including Colours of day, The spirit lives to set us free and God’s Spirit is in my heart.

Please ensure that all homework is completed by Thursday this week as this will help the children with their writing tasks.

Telling the Time

Still image for this video
5 minute Intervals

Friday 30th April


In Year 2 this week, we have been enjoying the sunshine and getting outside to study the habitats of some of the wildlife in the school grounds. We looked for signs of life in the field and drew maps and plans of the information that we found out whilst we were nature detectives.

In R.E we have been learning about spreading the Good News about Jesus and how during the Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came to Earth. We have used famous artworks, listened to music and created our own prayers too.

Our English lessons this week have focused on; apostrophes, commas, exclamation marks and homophones. A homophone is a word that sounds the same but is spelt differently. We have enjoyed discovering flower and flour, bear and bare! With apostrophes we have revised and continued our work on contractions such as, don’t and I’m .At the end of the week we started to look at using possessive apostrophes.

In Maths this week we have been looking at time. We have revisited o clock and half past and introduced quarter past.

Remember when telling the time on an analogue clock (one with hands) We look at the long, minute hand first to see where it is pointing and then we look at the short, hour hand to see where it has gone past (or to, once we get onto it).

Children are permitted to wear an analogue watch to school in Year 2. See if you can look at clocks wherever you are.

Friday 23rd April



This week we have been comparing the island of St Lucia and Brentwood. We have been using simple descriptive sentences and conjunctions to compare the two places. After this, we wrote persuasive sentences to encourage people to visit St Lucia. 



This week we have been measuring using cm.

We have discussed the need to use standard measures and have remembered to always start measuring at the zero rather than at any other point on the ruler.

We have also practised drawing lines of given lengths using our rulers.

If you have a ruler at home see what you can measure. Have a go at drawing some lines and labelling them in cm too.

Our mental maths has been quick recall of doubles and near doubles.

E.G. double 8 and then 8+9

        If we know that double 8 is 16 then 8+9 is just one more.

We shouldn’t need to start from the beginning, we are trying to speed things up by using what we already know.



In R.E we have been studying the ascension by painting some watercolour pictures of Jesus leaving and returning to his father. We also started to discuss Pentecost and how the Holy Spirit descended to the disciples. We listened carefully to a few related hymns and chose our favourite one. We looked carefully at the words within the hymn and how they made us feel. 

Friday 16th April


This week we have been finding out all about the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

We created our own fact files and tried hard to start our sentences in different ways and extend our sentences to make them more interesting.



This week in Maths we have been finding fractions of numbers. We found out that it was just like dividing. We learnt the words numerator and denominator. The denominator is the number on the bottom and it tells us how many equal groups we need to share our number between. The numerator on the top tells us how many groups we need to count.



Our new R.E. topic is called Spread the Word.

We have learning about the final part of Easter Story and how the ladies who went to the tomb of Jesus spread the word that he had risen. We talked about how we can share good messages.

Friday 26th March 

Year 2 Newsletter Easter week March 2021

The children have returned to school with bright shining smiles and hardworking attitudes too. Well done Year 2.

English and RE

In English this week, we have discussed, listened to and watched the Easter story. The children have also thoroughly enjoyed filming Palm Sunday and the Last Supper for their Easter assemblies which are now on the website. Please have a look at them.  Once we had really studied the stories we wrote them into our RE books combining RE and English this week. The children have written really super recounts of the stories, often in great detail and with a great deal of thought too.  Good work  Year 2 writers.

Please note, there are no spellings this week however, we would like the children to practise their previous spellings, or the year 1 and 2 common exception words, which are easily found online.



This week we have been finding fractions of numbers and shapes. We have learnt how to write fractions using numerals as well as words. A half ½, a quarter ¼ , a third 1/3

We have also been using the correct mathematical language to name each part of the fraction.


Numerator      (The number on the top that shows how many parts we have)

_______________Vinculum (The line that shows that we are dividing)

Denominator (The number on the bottom that shows how many equal parts we are sharing into)


We had great fun creating pizza fractions on Thursday and have applied our knowledge of how to find fractions of numbers to answer reasoning problems.

For Example


Tom has ½ of £10.

Bill has ¼ of £16.

Who has the most?


Throughout the holiday, we encourage you to continue to hear your child read, to use Bug Club, Mathletics and Education City too.


We look forward to seeing them on Tuesday 13th April to start the Summer Term.

Happy Easter Holiday.

Friday 19th March


In English this week, we have been working through some reading comprehensions. Towards the end of the week we have focused on descriptive writing. We have continued to create interesting sentences using adjectives and creating varied sentence starters. We are looking forward to linking RE and English next week by writing about the Easter story and using the skills we have continued to practise this week.



This week in Maths we have been re visiting the four operations. We have talked about all the different methods that we know to work them out and have chosen suitable strategies to answer number equations and word problems.

The whole school took part in our own school census on Friday. We recorded how many boys/girls there are in each class, how old we all are and what our favourite fruit and vegetable is.

We recorded this data using bar charts, pictograms and tally charts.



We have learning about the Easter Story starting with Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday. We made palms and role played the events of both days. Also this week was very exciting, as we filmed our Easter Assemblies – keep a look out for them next week. The children have done a brilliant job

Friday 12th March


Well, what a super return to school we have had in Year 2. We started the week on International Women’s Day and looked at the work of the Polish scientist Marie Curie. Did you know that she won two Nobel Prices for her work in science?  This week was British Science and Technology week and in school we have been looking at waste and what we can do about it.

We have discussed and raised questions about the the three Rs – reduce, recycle and reuse. The children have really enjoyed sharing their views and opinions. They have thoroughly enjoyed reusing and then recycling boxes, cartons and even toilet rolls to make bug hotels. They have been both creative and scientific whilst planning and evaluating too – good work Year 2.



We have continued to write non fiction sentences. We have extended our sentences using conjunctions and tried to think of different sentence starters.



This week we started our new topic, opportunities. We are thinking about our Big Question – How does each day offer opportunities for good? We listened to and talked about the story of ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes which showed us lots of opportunities for good. Also we have begun to think about Easter, starting with reminding ourselves about Ash Wednesday. We role played receiving ashes to start our Easter Spiritual Journey.




This week in Maths we have revisited multiplication and division. Please see the sheet below for further information about multiplication and division.

Friday 12th March Multiplication and Division Information

Friday 11th December


Wow, what a super week we have had in Year 2!

We have carried on writing the story of The Nativity and really enjoyed acting out, watching and retelling the story. We have made angels and created a stable scene too.

On Wednesday, we had a super Christmas lunch. Thank you to everyone in the kitchen. Then in the afternoon we watched some Christmas films and the PA gave us a drink and packet of sweets – Yum! Thank you to them too.


This week in Maths we have been revisiting addition and subtraction. We have used the column method to solve both number sentences and word problems.

E.G. 43+18 =      Or       38-15=


I had 14 sweets. My friend gave me 12 more. How many did I have altogether?

When looking at word problems we have highlighted the key vocabulary more and altogether helping us to understand that this is an addition word problem.


There were 45 flowers in the flower bed. I took 14 of them and put them in a vase. How many were left?

Here we have highlighted took and left which helps us to work out that it is a subtraction word problem.

Don’t forget to have a look at our festive assemblies. They are all on the website and we are really proud of them. We worked hard and enjoyed making them for you to watch at home.


The homework this week is a competition for the charity SNAP.

SNAP 12 days of Christmas Competition (Please click on the link below)

This week your child’s homework is to complete one of the 3 creative entries stated on the poster (a short story, a list or a song).

Please return the entry to school on Thursday 17th December and complete the required details on your child’s envelope if you wish for them to be entered into the prize draw. We will deliver them to SNAP.

For every entry your child makes, they have the chance of winning a prize.

A £5 donation is also given to the SNAP (Special Needs and Parents) charity from Bennetts for every entry they receive. You can make extra entries if you wish and post them in the post boxes listed up until 5th January.


Next week please bring in book bags every day . There will be no need for additional carrier bags and your child will be bringing reading books home too. There will not be any spellings or homework.

SNAP 12 days of Christmas Competition

Friday 4th December

Still image for this video
Subtraction using the Column Method

Friday 4th December


This week in English we have been looking at contractions . We have been looking at how the apostrophe can replace a letter for example in I'm which is I am. We have also focussed on reading comprehension and developing our skills in answering questions about the books we read.


This week in Maths we have been subtracting two 2 digit numbers using the column method. See attached video.


We have, of course, started Advent and this means that we are getting ourselves ready for Christmas. This week we have been reading and writing about The Annunciation. The children have been considering how Mary felt when the Angel Gabriel visited her.

All three classes have enjoyed practising their festive assemblies too and are looking forward to sharing them with everyone at home soon.


The homework for this week is to learn the words for your festive assembly.


Don't forget that next week on Wednesday we have our Christmas lunch when the children can wear their own clothes for the day. On Friday 11th December it is our Christmas Jumper Day.


The Christmas post boxes are now open in every classroom. Friday 11th is the last day we are able to accept any cards and these only to be for children within your child’s class.

Friday 27th November

Still image for this video
Adding two 2 digit numbers where the ones bridge 10

Friday 27th November


This week in Maths we have been adding using the column method.

Once the children had mastered this we moved onto adding two 2 digit numbers where the ones bridged 10. See Adding two 2 digit numbers where ones bridge 10 video.


In English this week we have continued our cross curricular work about World War One. We have looked at a brave and heroic nurse called Edith Cavell. We have written questions about her and checked our work to see if we remembered to use a question word at the start of our sentence, and a question mark at the end.

In RE we have started to prepare for Christmas by making a class advent wreath and by discussing what preparation means.

Friday 20th November - Column Addition Method

Still image for this video
Mrs McCarthy explains Column Addition

Friday 20th November



This week we have been adding 2 digit numbers using dienes (tens and ones) and have moved on to the column method. Please see attached video; Column Method Addition.

We are trying to remember the following rules:

· write the numbers directly underneath each other

· label each column tens or ones

· make sure the numbers go directly below each other

· remember the add sign

· remember the big equals sign at the bottom for our answer

· each digit has its own square.



This week year 2 have really enjoyed continuing to study History and English together by learning about World War One. We have looked at the soldiers in the trenches and the children’s’ roles during the war too. The children have written descriptive pieces whilst comparing then and now. Next week we will be looking at the role of women during that time and we will also be practising our reading comprehension too.

We will be continuing our materials topic in science and looking at the importance and concerns or plastic in our lives. So please be prepared for your packages and recycling bins to be studied!



At the start of December each class throughout the school will start working on a short Christmas presentation that you will be able to view online. To give you advance notice the children will need some alternative clothes to their school uniform. None of them should be sent into school before we ask please as we don’t have at the storage facilities.

Class 7 – can wear their red or green tops or Christmas jumpers which they will also be able to wear on other activities in school during the Christmas period.

Class 8 – can wear their red or green tops or Christmas jumpers which they will also be able to wear on other activities in school during the Christmas period.

Class 9 - will not need any additional clothing as we are using school costumes.

Friday 13th November


Well, what a week year two have had. It has been Inter faith week. We have studied five religions – Judaism, Christianity, Sikhism, Islam and Hinduism. We read about each religion’s creation stories and compared and contrasted the stories.

It has also been Maths Week.

We have had great fun this week in Maths. We have worked on addition and multiplication through the story 'One is a Snail Ten is a Crab' by April Pulley Sayre and Jeff Sayre. We created 2D and 3D shape super heroes, thinking about how the shape properties could help with their hero’s super powers. The children also looked fabulous on Thursday for our shape day and could all talk about the shapes that they had chosen. We also used our pirate treasure to do some fraction maths and some subtraction.


Next week, we will be working on addition and how to add multiples of 10 to a 2 digit number. By the end of the week the children should be able to explain to you the rules about recording this as a column addition calculation.

This week we have been mixing the subjects of History and English to make cross curricular subject links whilst we study World War One. Obviously, this week our studies and work have included Remembrance Day when we remembered the people who help us, by staying silent for 2 minutes at 11 o’ clock on Wednesday 11th November. We have written questions and letters to soldiers. We have learnt about life in the trenches. Next week, we will be writing about these terrible events and will also consider the role of children and women in the war.

In science, we have been studying and experimenting with different materials. Next week we will be looking at plastics and their properties. We will also begin to talk about recycling.

Friday 6th November



This week we have started to prepare for our new topic about World War One by practising using the past tense of verbs. We read a super story about memories called Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox. You can watch it on YouTube. We then wrote about our own memories and stored them in special boxes in our classrooms.

Next week we will start to find out about World War One when we commemorate Remembrance Day on Wednesday and look at a variety of resources to find out about this time too.

We have started practising some simple handwriting joins in class too.



This week in Maths we have been looking at addition being the inverse of subtraction.

If 4 +5 = 9 Then we also know that 9-5 = 4

Lots of practise of this at home would be great. It is a really good skill to have to check if our calculations are correct.


On Wednesday next week we are starting Maths Week.

We have lots of fun Maths activities to do including counting animals legs, creating shape super heroes and playing Maths games.

Remember that it is shape dress up day on Thursday too.



There is no extra homework this week as next week you will get a parent mail on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with a home Maths challenge. This will be an activity that encourages you to talk with your child about a Maths concept. Watch out for the parent mail.



Could you please ensure that your child has a full P.E. kit in school? It is getting colder so they need a track suit for P.E. as all our sessions are outside.

Girls need to make sure they have a pair of socks (if they are wearing tights).

If your child has trainers or shoes with laces, please teach them how to do them up. Lots of lessons are beginning to be rather disrupted by the amount of shoe laces we are having to tie!

Friday 23rd October

We can’t believe that the half term holiday has arrived already. All of the children in year 2 have settled back into the routine at school really well and we are very proud of them.

In class, the children have finished their topic of Black History Month. They have thoroughly enjoyed it and especially learning about the great Dr Martin Luther King Jr. They have also completed the RE topic of Signs and symbols.  They have especially considered the signs and symbols used in the Rites of Baptism.

In English, we have been writing letters to Ms McAuliffe and also writing speeches in the style of Martin Luther King. Why not ask your child what their dreams are,


After half term we will be working on linking history and writing in a cross curricular topic of World War One.

We have also started to practise some very basic joins in our handwriting.

In Maths this week, we have been drawing our own number lines and counting in ones, twos, fives and tens. We have been representing these as objects and jumps on a number line. Why not have a go at drawing your own number lines using any of these patterns? After half term we will use this and other methods to solve addition problems.

Have a great well deserved break year two.

Friday 16th October



In English this week we have been learning how to write and perform simple poems. We started by using adjectives and writing poetry about the autumn leaves. We ended the week by writing poems about walking to school and seeing unusual animals that we wouldn’t usually see. We are poets and we didn’t even know it!!! Some super adjectives and ideas were used and the children really enjoyed these activities.

Next week, we will be practising and using our phonics as well as our common exception words.



This week we have been comparing 2 numbers using the inequality signs.

< less than

>greater than

This sign is like a crocodile’s wide open mouth and we remember that it always wants to eat the biggest number.


We say

10 is greater than 2.


We say 2 is less than 10.



We are really pleased with the way that most of the children have risen to the October Reading Challenge. Well done Year 2, this is really going to help you all become great readers.


The children have also really enjoyed studying the life and actions of Martin Luther King Jr as an important and significant historical figure during Black History Month.

Friday 9th October


In English, this week we have looked in more depth at verbs, adjectives and nouns. We have also been writing lists. Perhaps your child could help you to write a shopping list or make a list of things around the house? We have been reading the picture book Elmer as a class and used it to find adjectives, nouns and verbs in the text. This is an easy activity that you could try when you hear your child read. It will really help them to look carefully at the text.

Next week we are going to write some simple poems using our knowledge of verbs and adjectives to create some interesting work.



In our Maths lessons we have continued to work on place value. This week we have been really looking at variations e.g. that 23 is 2 tens and 3 ones but that it is also 1 ten and 13 ones. We have been working practically and recording our findings too along with some challenges to really get us thinking!

Next week we are going to check how much we know about place value.


A Reminder about Homework

Please ensure that your child completes the homework in the plastic wallet for Thursday. Some children will also need to complete the reading questions that you will find in their reading diary in the blue exercise book. This should be handed in on the day that they read. Spellings are on a Thursday morning. 

Friday 2nd October

This week in Year 2 we have been completing our RE topic on Beginnings we have really enjoyed our new beginning at the start of Year 2 and have shared how we feel about it. We have also considered all of the ways in which God looks after us in new beginnings and how we can be a child of God.


In English we have been working in a geographical way. We have looked at maps of the World, of the United Kingdom and also, of our local area. We then made maps, with keys, of Brentwood and finally wrote instructions for a walk in Brentwood. Ask your child what a bossy verb or a time word is and let them give you a set of instructions!


In Maths, we have been learning to use equipment to partition numbers so that when we come to use numbers in number operations we have a full and fluent understanding of what a number is made from. We have also focused on how to record this information in our books in a clear and accurate way. We have been using the part- whole method to help us understand.


During our grammar lessons we have started looking at the present tense of verbs and also looked at alternative phonemes/sounds in phonics.


Our science lessons so far this term have been looking at materials and what objects are made from. We even watched a short film about whether you could build and use a chocolate teapot!


Next week we will be looking at nouns, verbs and adjectives in our English lessons. In Maths we continue to develop our understanding of tens and ones and how we use them in number sentences. We will be starting our new RE topic and in Science we will be looking at fabrics and their uses.

Friday 25th September

We have had a really busy week in year two. It started with International Peace Day when we made peace windmills and took them with us to the Peace Garden where we said the class prayer that we had created about Peace.


This week we have started our project about Brentwood. We have written questions about things we wanted to find out about the town where we live. Perhaps you could help your child find out the answer to this question that one of the children wrote “What does the name Brentwood mean? “. We focussed on capital letters and question marks. We also checked that the questions we wrote made sense.


In Maths we have begun to look at numbers over ten and what they are made up of. We have been working with Dienes equipment which uses tens and ones to help us really understand larger numbers before we move onto using them in number sentences. We are continuing to practise our counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s.

Friday 18th September

Reading Books

Next week, your child will come home with a reading book and some guided questions in their yellow reading diary. Please remember to record their reading at home in the book. Some children will have changed Book Band levels and others will stay the same whilst they return to their regular reading habits. 


In English, this week we have started to look in more depth at the grammar rules for plurals. We have practiced retelling and writing a story. We also wrote instructions for how to wash a sheep – ask your child to tell you how to wash a sheep! See if they can remember to use bossy verbs at the start of every sentence.


In our Maths lessons we have continued working with number. We have started to work on some missing number sentences and some subtraction number sentences too. We have also looked at 2D shapes to make sure we can name them.


If your child wears lace up trainers or shoes to school please ensure they are able to do the laces up themselves. Thank you.

Friday 11th September 2020


At the moment, we have sent your child home with 5 supplementary books to get them to quickly return to the great habit of regular reading. These books will have been changed on Friday. Please continue to record their daily reading sessions in their reading diary from last year. We will be returning to levelled reading books and set reading sessions within the classroom after next week. We will be sending out further information soon.

Don’t forget the children can use Bug Club as well. They can reread any of the books on there too.


Your child now has a new spelling book.  Spellings will be handed out on a Friday and the children are tested on a Thursday in the back of their spelling book. Please encourage your child by supporting them in learning and writing the spellings during the week. Little and often is best. The first five spellings are the year 1 common exception words which the children will benefit from revising. Some children will also have an additional five spellings to learn that follow the rules that we are currently studying in our grammar lessons.


Homework will be handed out on a Friday in a plastic wallet which should be returned the following Thursday. Please encourage your child to complete the work as independently as possible but, support them where necessary.  The work should be completed using a pencil please.