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Whole School Curriculum


(New National Curriculum introduced in September 2014)



The school's aim is to teach each child to read with fluency and understanding.  The children have access to a wide range of books within the classroom, both fiction and non-fiction, classic fairytales and poetry.  They are encouraged to enjoy books whether they are fluent readers or not.


A variety of reading schemes are used, which provides the children with a certain degree of independence when choosing their new books.  These are colour coded to distinguish levels of ability.  Reading Bags (available from the school office) are brought to school every day.  Children take their reading books home every night.  This gives parents the opportunity to become active in hearing their children read and in monitoring their progress. (See information in section Parent/Teacher Partnership)


As well as reading activities, writing, handwriting and spelling tasks are planned in accordance with the National English Curriculum for Year 1 and Year 2.



Our daily programme, which is planned in accordance with the National Maths Curriculum, aims to provide the children with a sound understanding of number concepts through practical and written work.  This will enable them to understand the application of a variety of mathematical ideas within the classroom, in the home and the local environment.



The school has developed a programme of study in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum for Science.  The children will learn about themselves and the world in which they live through a variety of topics which will provide opportunities for observation, investigation and learning through simple experiments.  We have up to date books, equipment and centralised reference material.


Information and Communication Technology ( ICT )

All children have access to computers within their classrooms as well as iPads.  All computers are networked and can access the Internet.  The school is committed to ensuring E-safety and ensure children are trained in it, at a level appropriate to their age.


Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard which is used to enhance the curriculum.



The children are encouraged to take an interest in their immediate environment and the wider world. Maps are introduced to children and through discussion and investigation, they learn how people live in other countries.



Through a programme of study, the children learn how people lived in the past and about important incidents which have taken place. Artefacts are used to help their understanding


Art and Craft

We give children a wide range of experience using materials of all kinds.  We encourage them to be expressive, to experiment in their use of these materials and to enjoy their work.


Twice a year we have 'Activity Week' whereby children rotate around a number of craft, design and physical activities designed for their development and enjoyment.


Music, Drama and Singing

The children have the opportunity to participate in these activities on a regular basis. Children are encouraged to join in fully. Resources include CDs and percussion instruments.  All children in Year 2 are taught to play the recorder.


Design and Technology

This area involves designing and making objects for a purpose.  The children will use construction toys and other appropriate materials. They will be given the opportunity to learn how to use simple tools correctly and safely.


Sex Education

This is the primary responsibility of the parents at this stage, but open and honest communication does take place as the need arises, keeping in mind the level of interest and understanding of the child.  Parents who have concerns in this area of the curriculum should refer to the Headteacher.