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School Health Information


If your child requires medication during the normal school day but is well enough to attend school, you may come into school to administer the medicine during break time or lunch time (please make arrangements through the school office). Staff do not administer any medicines/treatments apart from asthma treatments.

For Health and Safety Reasons, children must NOT bring in any forms of medication to school including throat lozenges, lip balms etc... Never, ever put any medication of any type in your child's Bookbag.

Please do not put any items in book bags other than school books.

Asthma/ Allergies

If your child suffers from Asthma you must inform the school. For asthma sufferers (or any other allergies that requires prescribed medication) you must speak to the school office before your child is admitted. You will need to provide the relevant medication which will be kept in the school office. You will need to ensure there is sufficient medication and that it remains 'in date'. In some circumstances, a Care Plan may need to be drawn up in consultation with the School Nurse.