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Reception Weekly Updates on Learning 2021-2022

Friday 8th July 

This week we have had a fabulous mission week celebrating ‘Let your light shine’. We have been learning about the Creation Story and writing the Creation Story and writing thankyou prayers  to God too. We have decorated crosses for each class too.

In English we have continued our work on traditional stories, reading and focusing on spelling simple words correctly.

In Maths we have continued to revise the ways to make numbers and showing this in various ways.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 1st July


In English this week we have read the traditional story ‘The Three billy Goats Gruff’ and written sentences to describe the troll. We have also drawn new story maps for our own stories where three animals want to cross the bridge to get to something special.


In Maths we have been revisiting the ways that numbers are made. We have remembered that number bonds are two numbers to add to get to that amount but there are other ways too.


In R.E.  we have started a new topic, Our World. We have been looking at the wonderful things in the world around our school. Have a look at the weekend of other wonders of the world too.

Have a good weekend.

Friday 24th June


This week we have been retelling the story of ‘The old Woman and the Red Pumpkin’. We have drawn story maps to help us to remember the order of events and we have written sentences about the story too.


In Maths we have been learning about odd and even numbers and recognised the pattern. We know that even numbers ‘have a partner’ and when is it odd there is ‘something left over.’ We have been counting in 2s as well.

WE have been celebrating World Wise Week by looking at a map of our school and finding things on the map. We have looked at Brentwood and sorted photos too.

Today we learnt about World Music Day and we listened to a famous piece of music called the ‘Carnival of the Animals’ by Saint-Saen.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 17th June

This week in English we have read the story ‘The Old Woman and the Red pumpkin. By Betsy Bang. It is a traditional Bengali tale. We have been writing sentences and thinking about what will happen in the story.

In Maths we have learnt about sharing an amount. We have learn that you need to share the amount equally to be fair. Some amounts can’t be shared equally between groups.

This week has been healthy eating week. We have learnt about the different food groups and which foods are good for us. We have been drinking plenty of water too.

Have a lovely weekend.  

Friday 10th June

In English, we have started our new topic by looking at traditional stories. We have read the story of the ‘Wind and the Sun’ and predicted who we thought would win the competition. We have also read lots of other traditional stories to learn the different language that is used.


In Maths we have been practising counting above 20. We have leant about doubles and we have been remembering double facts to 5.


For our Friends topic in RE we have learnt about Jesus rule, ‘Love one another’. We thought of different ways that we can show this at school and at home too.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 27th May

This week for the jubilee we have been learning about the Queen. We have looked at photos and learnt facts about Queen Elizabeth II. We wrote our own factfiles too.


In Maths we have been consolidating our work on subtraction. We have been using different words such as less than, fewer, take away, minus to say our ‘first’, ’then’ and ‘now’ stories.

For the Queen’s Jubilee we have been drawing portraits, making bunting and enjoyed our dancing through the decades session where we performed different dance moves.

Have a lovely week celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee.

Friday 20th May


This week in our story of ‘On Sudden Hill’ we have been talking about friendships and how the boys in the story have different feelings at different times. We have learnt how important it is to cheer up our friends and try to be friends with everyone.


In Maths we have been taking away an amount from a larger group. We have continued to say our ‘first’ , ‘then’ and ‘now stories. Eg First there were 8 bears, then 5 went to bed. Now there are 3.

Today we have celebrated International Day of Cultural Diversity. We listened to the story of Anansi and the Turtle and drew a story map to help us to remember the story. It was a traditional story from Jamaica.


Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 13th May


This week we have been writing notes to the character Birt from our power of reading story ‘On Sudden Hill’. We thought about how we could write a kind note to ask someone to come and play.


In Maths we have been telling number stories using the vocabulary first, then and now. For example First there were 5 ducks. Then 4 more came along. Now there are 9 ducks altogether. We have been solving word problems too.

In Our RE lessons we have been learning about the Holy Spirit and we wrote our own prayers, thanking God for sending the Holy Spirit to always guide and help us.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 6th May

This week we have been reading the story ‘On Sudden Hill’ by  Benji Davies. We have looked at the illustrations and thought about the two characters Birt and Etho. We have been thinking about their friendship and the things that they liked to do. We have been writing about our friends and the things that we like to do together.


In Maths we have been solving word problems. We have been finding the numbers in the problem and thinking of ‘adding more’ or ‘taking away.’

On Friday we learnt about VE day. We read the story of the colour monster and created some lovely peace monsters with our partners.


Have a nice weekend.

Friday 29th April

This week we have read the book ‘Not a box’ by Antoinette Portis. We have made some great designs for what a box can be and written sentences about it.

In phonics we have been looking at longer words and clapping how many syllables are in each word to help us to spell them.

In Maths we have continued to count amounts accurately and recognize bigger numbers. We noticed that the ‘teen’ numbers all have a ‘one’ at the front.

In RE we have been reading the story of Pentecost. We learnt that the disciples were sent the Holy Spirit by Jesus to guide them.

All Reception classes have their assemblies over the next few weeks, please check your child’s yellow reading diary for their words and help them to practise in a loud voice.

Have a good weekend.

Friday 22nd April

This week we started our new topic ‘How can I be a good friend?’ We wrote sentences about our friends and took lots of photos of our favourite activities with our friends too.


In phonics we have been remembering all of the sounds from phase 2 and phase 3. (you can find these on the sheets at the front of the yellow reading diary) We have been looking at reading four letter words and writing our sounds correctly. Now that we know what the letters look like, we are really trying to practise forming each letter correctly.


In Maths we have been counting above 10. We have been using our tens frames to count out numbers 11-20 and matching number cards to our amounts. This week’s homework is based on our subitising work that we have been doing in class.


Next week we are focusing on the book ‘Not a box’ by Antoinette Portis. We will be using our imaginations to decide what a box could be. In Maths we are continuing to explore larger amounts and matching to the correct number card. We will also be comparing numbers and using the vocabulary ‘fewer than’ and ‘more than.’

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 18th March


This week has been science week. We have been exploring the topic of Growing. We have planted cress seeds, observed plants growing, thought about human growth and healthy ways and designed a seed packet. We have sent home a sunflower seed to plant and watch it grow too.

In Maths we have been working on number bonds for numbers up to 10. We have been using practical equipment to show two numbers which add together to make an amount. We have been learning the ways off by heart eg 0+ 3 = 3, 1+2 = 3, 2 + 1 = 3, 3 + 0 = 3.

In R.E we have been remembering our Lenten promises and thinking of other ways to grow to be like Jesus.


Have a lovely weekend.  

Friday 11th March

This week we have revisited the book ‘Yucky Worms’ and read some more facts about worms. We have set up wormeries in our outdoor area to learn more about how they are good for the soil.  We have been writing sentences about worms too.


In Maths we have been learning about the composition of numbers. We have been splitting small numbers unto groups and counting how many we have in total.

We have enjoyed our Indoor PE this week, exploring the wall bars. We have also been on a Spring walk to learn about more signs of Spring in our environment.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 4th March 


This week we have been learning about our planet and reading the book ‘Protect the Planet – How to be kind to our world and change the future’ by Jess French. We have had some brilliant discussions about ways that we can help to be less wasteful. We wrote about our ideal worlds and how we can be planet superheroes and stop harming the wildlife and environment.


In phonics we have learnt the trigraphs ‘air’ and ‘ure’ as well as the digraph ‘er’. These are tricky sounds so we have been spotting them in words and practising saying the sound. We have also been writing a sentence with a word.


In Maths we have been combining two groups to make an amount. We have learnt the words ‘total’ and ‘altogether’. We have also practiced how to write a number sentence including + and =.

On Wednesday we had a whole school gathering for Ash Wednesday. Father Martin came to celebrate and we all received ashes to show during Lent we wish to grow closer to Jesus. We wrote a Lenten promise to show how we are going to be more like Jesus for the time of Lent.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 25th February

Our new topic is called ‘What lives underground?.’ We started this by focusing on our power of reading book ‘Yucky Worms’ by Vivian French. We went on a worm hunt outside and then learnt about the parts of the worm and interesting facts. We have been writing sentences about what we found and also written questions that we would like to find out about worms.


In Maths we have been learning about pairs and counting in 2s. We have been finding partners and finding objects that are the same and we learnt that counting in 2s can be helpful to count quickly. We have also been looking at the numbers 6,7 and 8 and found which pairs of numbers can total these amounts using counters and writing the numbers to match our pairs.

We have also started fairtrade fortnight and focused on the fairtrade symbol. We learnt that bananas travel from hot countries by boat and that farmers need to be paid fairly for the work that they do. We learnt to recognize the fairtrade symbol on the bananas.

Have a lovely weekend.  

Friday 11th February


What a busy day today, with the break the rules day. The children loved coming to school in all their different outfits. In Literacy this week, we have continued to write factfiles about the interesting African Animals in the book Handa’s Noisy Night by Eileen Browne. We have been revising our phonic sounds especially the digraphs ‘oa’, ‘ee’ and ‘or. We have been practising writing words and sentences with these sounds in.


In Maths we have been practising counting and writing numbers to match the amount of dots.

For Art we enjoyed making our own African sunset scene by painting the sunset and them making silhouettes of african animals to add to our scene.  

Friday 4th February

This week in Literacy we have read the story ‘Handa’s Noisy Night’ by Eileen Browne. We have talked about and compared this story with 'Handa’s Surprise'. We talked about how the characters feel in both stories too. We have written our own factfiles about African animals from the story of Handa’s Surprise.


In Maths we have learnt about capacity and used the vocabulary full, empty, hall full and nearly full to describe how much a container holds. We have been filling containers practically and using different things to show how much a container can hold.


In RE we have started our new topic of ‘Gathering’. We have thought about times that we gather together and started to learn about what is important when we gather at Mass. We learnt that the Priest welcomes us by saying’ The Lord be with you’ and the parish family say ‘And with your spirit.’ We created a church scene in class to remember this.

Friday 28th January

This week we have been busy learning new digraphs ‘oo’, ‘or’ and ‘ar’. We have been hunting for words and writing words containing these sounds. Try to spot these sounds in your reading books or when you are out and about on a walk in the high street.


In Maths we have learnt about weighing. We have practised using the words ‘heavier than,’ and ‘lighter than’. We have compared two and three objects in terms of their weight and used a set of balance scales to check our ideas. We have also continued to work on numbers and how they can be made up of smaller numbers. We have used the words ‘whole’ and ‘part’ to explain eg I have 5 cubes. I have 2 parts green and 3 parts red.

Outside we have been spotting signs of winter and looking for different signs in the environment. We have been talking about changes that we can see.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 21st January

This week we have continued to write about ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We have found the words that are used in the book to describe each fruit. We then thought of our own words and wrote sentences to describe each fruit.

In Maths we started to look at splitting whole numbers into smaller numbers. We focused on the number 5 and then looked at different smaller numbers that can be used to add together to make that number. We have been problem solving too to see if we h=can recognise all the pairs of numbers that total 5.

Have a good weekend.




Friday 14th January

This week we have been very busy learning new sounds, ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘th’ and ‘ng’. These are called digraphs as two letters are used to make one sound. We have practiced saying these sounds, identify different words that contain these sounds and attempting to write words with these sounds.

We have also read the story of Handa’s surprise and talked about what makes a surprise. We drew pictures of surprises that we would take to a friend.

In Maths we have been discussing the words ‘more’ and ‘fewer’. We have been comparing different amounts and answering the question’ How can we make the amounts the same?’. We have been working practising trying to solve the problem.

For our ‘how can I be healthy? ‘ topic we have learnt about healthy teeth. We have made posters remembering four key things, eat healthy foods, drink water or milk, brush our teeth twice a day and visit the dentist regularly.

Next week we will be continuing to read the story of Handa’s surprise and thinking about the describing words used for the fruits. We will been writing our own words and phrases to describing different fruit.

In Maths we will be learning about different ways to make each number. We will be working practically to solve this.

Have a good weekend.

Friday 7th January


Happy New Year! The children have come back to school full of energy and ready to learn this week. We have started our new topic of ‘How can I be healthy? ‘ by talking about different fruits and vegetables that we eat. We have tasted different fruits and made a graph to show which one was our favourite. In Maths we have been focusing on the number zero and recognizing different words that can be used to explain zero eg nothing, none.


Next week in Literacy we will be focusing on the story of ‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Browne. In this story we will recognize the different fruits that Handa carries to her friend and talk about how what surprise we would like to take our friends.


In Maths we will be looking at how numbers can be made and working on different ways to show each number to 5 eg 3 is made of 1 and 1 and 1 or 2 and 1 or 3 and 0.

We will start our Indoor PE sessions on balancing and over the next few weeks we will be using different large apparatus to demonstrate various balances.

Lastly, we ask you to please check your child’s clothing labels carefully, we have had a number of lost items this week, hats and gloves particularly and it is very difficult to return the items if they are not labelled clearly.

Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday 16th December


Well done to all of the children for a beautiful Nativity play this year. We were so proud of everyone, learning their lines, singing loudly and remembering their parts on the stage. Well done to all the parents and grandparents who helped you at home too.


Today we have sent home PE kits for washing. Please can you check your child’s PE trainers and ensure that they are still the correct size. Also can you provide your child with a spare set of underwear and socks in case of accidents.

We hope that you all have a restful and peaceful Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Have a fabulous family holiday.

Friday 10th December

This week we have been reading the story of Jesus’ birth. We have learnt that Jesus had many visitors to the stable including the shepherds and the kings. They all brought gifts for the baby. We have acted out the story and used puppets to help us to remember.


In Maths we have been focusing on squares and rectangles. We have printed repeating patterns using these shapes to make our own wrapping paper. We have also looked for objects that have squares and rectangles on them. Have a hunt for these shapes at home as they can be quite tricky to spot.

During our Nativity practices we have encouraged the children to say their words loudly and clearly. Please can you continue to practise this at home as they won’t be using a microphone this year.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 3rd December

This week in Literacy we have been reading lots of poems about emotions. We focused on giving an opinion and saying why we liked or didn’t like the poem. In phonics we have worked on our high frequency words and remember to say them by sight rather than using our sounds.

In Maths we have been recognizing ‘one less and one more’. We have used objects to help us check our answers and drawn pictures to help us to. We have found lots of different ways to show numbers 4 and 5 too. We have used objects, sticks, dice patterns, numicon and small pegs to show the different patterns that can be made.

In RE we have started to light our Advent wreath candles to count down ready for Jesus’ birth. We have started to read our Advent promises to remember that we can be helpful during Advent time.

Have a good rest this weekend, we hope the elves aren’t being too cheeky!

Friday 26th November


This week we have focused on the poem ‘Lost’ by Michael Rosen. We drew pictures of someone being lost and we wrote letters to the character to ask him if he was ok or if he needed our help. In phonics we learnt the new sounds of ‘j’, ‘w’,’v’ and ‘x’. We have really focused on blending sounds to build small words such as ‘jot’, ‘van’ and ‘fox’. We have also look at how each letter is formed.

In Maths we have been recognizing circles and triangles in our environment. We have also learnt about the position of objects and using the correct words to explain where an object is. We used the words, ‘behind’, ‘underneath’, ‘in front of’ and ‘beside’.

In RE we have started our new topic ‘Birthday’ and made our Advent promises for our countdown to Jesus’ birthday on Christmas Day. We made an Advent wreath ready to light the candles each week of Advent.

Friday 19th November


This week we have learnt about antibullying week and this year's theme was ‘One Kind Word’. We have learnt what bullying is and how we can tell others about things that have happened to us. We have acted out different ways to be kind and we practiced using our kind words when playing with our friends.

It has also been Interfaith week and we have learnt about the different religions and to respect other people’s beliefs even if they are different from our own. We learnt about the Jewish religion and the story of the ‘Oil in the temple’.

In Maths we have been comparing numbers and recognizing one more and two more. We have been playing number games and making recipes using the numbers 1,2,3 and then counting the total of objects used.

In Literacy we have learnt the poem ‘Let me do it’ by Michael Rosen and made our own class poem. We have also written our own let me do it sentence.

Next week we will be looking at 2d shapes of circle and triangle in Maths. In literacy we will look at Michael Rosen’s poem ‘Once’ and ‘I am angry’.

This week we have sent out all the children’s parts for the Nativity. Please check your child’s diary.


Friday 12th November

This week we have been reading and performing poems by Michael Rosen. We have practised adding actions to help us to remember the words. We have learnt that some of the poems have nonsense words in them to make the poem funny.

For Maths week, we have explored different skills using bug stories. We really enjoyed measuring with our superworms, collecting spots for our ladybirds and playing dice games to build a hungry caterpillar.

Next week we will be focusing on one poem called  ‘Let me do it’ and inventing our own let me do it poems as a group. In  Maths we will be continuing to deepen our knowledge of numbers 1,2,3 and playing games collecting these numbers to add together.


Please can you ensure that your child has a change of underwear and socks in their book bag or PE bag. As the weather is changing, lots of children are falling and getting wet clothes and we do not have any spare clothes for them to change into.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 5th November


We have had a lovely first week back. Our new topic ‘Are we all the same?’ has linked brilliantly with British Values week. We are recognising that we have similarities and differences with each other and learning how we can tolerant people’s differences.

In English we have performed ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and learnt that Michael Rosen has made many children’s books and nonsense poems. Next week we will start to look at poems in more detail and rehearse them to perform.

In Maths we have looked at measuring objects. We have thought about longer, shorter, heavier, lighter and big and small. We have been creating lots of repeating patterns too. Next week it's Maths week, so we will be continuing to look at patterns and finding out facts about numbers too.


We have learnt about Diwali and Bonfire Night too. We know that they are both celebrations that have fireworks. We talked about fireworks and made pictures and dances too. We also talked about Firework safety.

Thankyou for sending all the PE kits back quickly this week. As the weather is getting colder, please ensure that  your child has a tracksuit in their PE bag. Also, can we ask that you send in a spare change of underwear in case of an accident. Please send any spare clothes in their book bags and we will transfer them to their PE bag.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the firework displays.

Friday 22nd  October

This week in Literacy we have written our own ideas about the story of Brave Bear. We thought about what we could remember about the story and sequenced pictures and then wrote our idea. We focused hard on writing by ourselves.

In Maths we have been matching, sorting and comparing. We started by looking at different objects and matching them into groups and trying to guess why they had all been put in the same group. We then started to look at amounts and comparing which group had more or fewer.

In RE this week we have been learning about St Joseph. We learnt that he was the father of Jesus on earth and that he was a kind man. He protected Jesus. We read a bible story about when Joseph kept Mary and Jesus safe. We also drew pictures of the Holy Family.

After half term we will be starting or new topic of ‘Are we all the same?’. First of all we will be having an Autumn walk around our field to spot signs of Autumn. Over half term, enjoy visiting different places and see what signs you can see. It would be lovely to share some photos on Tapestry.

Have a lovely half term, enjoy lots of family time.

Friday 15th October

This week in Literacy we have been looking at the characters in our story ‘A brave bear’ and writing words to describe them. We have thought about the feelings of the bears in the story too and how these feelings change throughout the story.

In phonics we have focused on the sounds ‘e’,’u’,’r’ and ‘ck’ and spotted these in words in our story books. We have been focusing on identifying the first sound in a word and making lists of words that start with the sounds this week.

In Maths we have been singing number songs to 20 and back. We have been recognizing groups of objects and counting each object carefully.

Next week we will be working on matching, sorting and comparing numbers in our Maths lessons.

In Literacy we will be writing our ideas about the story and ordering the events in ‘A brave bear’.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 8th October

Another busy week in Reception. We have been learning about the life of Harriet Tubman for Black History Month. This week we learnt that she was kind and helpful because she helped lots of people to a better life. We tried to think of ways that we could be helpful at home and at school.


In phonics our sounds were ‘g’,’o’,’c’ and ‘k’. We have been spotting these sounds in words and beginning to put sounds together to build words for reading. Lots of children have been reading their books each night and have now had a housepoint for their efforts. Remember to log into Bug club reading too. Well done everyone!


In Maths we have been counting amounts and also learning about ‘subitising’. This is when we can look at a pattern of objects or dots and say the number without counting. We can recognize patterns of 1,2 and 3 and talk about what they look like. Eg it is 2. The dots are next to each other. There is one at the top and one at the bottom. We have been making our own patterns using these numbers.


In RE we have started our next topic ‘Welcome’. We are starting to learn about being part of God’s family. It would be lovely to see any baptism photos of the children. You can email them to the year group email or upload them on tapestry for the children to share with us.


Next week we will be focusing on our book ‘A brave bear’ and discussing the characters and what we think about the story. In Maths we will be continuing with subitising and thinking about the language that we are using to describe a number.

Friday 1st October


This week we have been focusing on the new sounds ‘i’,’n’,’m’,and ‘d’. We have practiced how to read words with the letters in and how to form each letter. We have also been busy finding our facts about brown bear and remembering facts to share with our friends. We have also started to find out about other bears such as polar bears, pandas and American Black bears.


In Maths we have continued with lots of counting forwards and backwards to 10. We have been making amounts and matching them to other amounts.

Next week we will be reading more of our story of Brave Bear and thinking about what it means to be brave. In Maths we will be starting to recognise small amounts without counting them (1,2,3)


In your child’s reading diary you will find a log in for Bug club Reading. This is a scheme which helps to supplement the reading books that your child takes home in their bags. Log onto and follow the log in details. We have set books for your child to read. If you have any problems please email your child’s teacher.

We have also started the children on their High frequency words. This is a list of words in a zip wallet for you to practise with your child. Please encourage them to learn each word without breaking it down into sounds. Please ensure that your child’s wallet is in their bag each day.

Lastly, each class has a reading race where the children can earn housepoints for their reading at home. Please sign in their yellow reading diaries each day so that your child can be rewarded for their reading at home. 5 written comments per week = 1 housepoint.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 24th September


This week we have begun learning letter sounds. We have focused on the sounds,‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘p’ and learnt the sound each letter makes, the letter name and how to write it. Have a go spotting these letters in your reading books or on signs when you are out and about.

In Maths we have been making amounts and counting forwards and backwards to 10.


Next week we will be continuing to learn sounds ‘i’, ‘n,’ ‘m’,and ‘d’and practising writing the letters in our names. We are also starting our power of reading book ‘A Brave Bear’ by Sean Taylor and learnt facts about brown bears.

Outdoor PE starts next week, please make sure your child has the correct PE kit in school by Monday. Please practise dressing and undressing with your child. It would be lovely if they could put their t shirt on, pull up shorts, put their feet in their trainers, put their socks on. We know that lots of the children have trouble with turning their clothes in the correct way and doing their buttons. Please help them to be patience and ’have a go’ before they ask an adult to help.


As the weather is changing and lots of the children are now wearing winter uniform, please check the uniform policy clearly, tights need to be navy or white and it is a shirt and trousers not a polo shirt and trousers. Lastly, please ensure that it is only water in your child’s bottle every day. No squash or flavoured water please.

Have a nice weekend.

Friday 17th September


Our first full week! Well done again, what a brilliant week, we have been completing activities, inside and outside and making friends. We have also learnt how to colour mix brown paint to create our own painting of a brown bear.  In class we have been practising using quiet voices, kind hands when we are playing with others and listening to an adult when they are talking. Each class has made a set of classroom rules to follow.


Next week, we will be focusing on counting objects carefully, learning sounds of the alphabet and  writing our names.


All children now have their reading books in their bags. Many of the children have wordless books to start with. Please spend time allowing them to turn the pages correctly, focus on what they can see in the picture, what is happening in the picture and how are they characters feeling. Try to encourage your child to say a sentence about each picture eg The boy is holding a teddybear. He has left it on the bus. The other books in the bag are for the children to look at and spot any sounds that they know  and begin to recognize some familiar words. Please try to read for 5 or 10 minutes each day, the children will start to be rewarded with housepoints if you comment in their reading diary. Each class has a reading race where the children can see how much reading they have achieved at home.


Lastly, in the next few days we will be setting up the parent log ins for Tapestry. You should be sent an activation email. If you are having trouble accessing Tapestry or you haven’t received an activation email by Wednesday 21st September please check your ‘junk’ folder first, then email your child’s class teacher using the year group email. Feel free to send us a photo of your child at home, maybe you could send us a photo of their favorite teddy and tell us how it makes them feel. We will be looking at the photos and sharing them with the rest of the class in the next few weeks.  


Have a wonderful weekend.

Friday 10th September


Welcome to St Helen's to all the children in Reception. We have been so pleased with how grown up everyone has been and how well they are already doing, listening and learning the routines in class. 

Please can you ensure that your child has their PE bag, raincoat and wellies in school by Monday 13th September ready for the term ahead. 


The children have all chosen a library book today, ready to share at bedtime with you over the weekend. Please ensure that they have this book and their yellow reading diary every day.

In Class next week, we will be beginning to learn the school mission statement and school prayers, playing outdoor games with new friends, looking at sounds that we know and talking about classs rules. 


Next week we will be setting up the children's details on Tapestry. Please look out for an activation email ( you might have to check your junk folders too). We look forward to sharing moments of class life with you and also seeing any photos of family life too. 

Have a wonderful weekend,