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PE Activities to do at home


1. Find a space and see how many of these you can do in a minute.

Use a timer.

 You can either count them yourself or work with someone in your family, they can join in too.

Write the date and record your score for each numbered activity.

You are aiming to improve your own personal score.


  1. Small little jumps with your feet together.
  2. Hopping on one foot (you can change feet partway through).
  3. Star jumps (make sure you open your feet and arms as you jump to make a good star shape).
  4. Step ups. (Find a stair or small step and see how many times you can complete a full step up and down).
  5. Lunges or Spotty dogs.


2. Try jogging either on the spot or in a space (or in your garden/park if the weather allows). Time how long you can jog

for without stopping. Record this too. See if you can increase this by a small amount each time you do it.


3. Joe Wicks is starting again three times a week 

You could also try to find find 5 minutes each day to do this 5 a day activity


You can do these activities as often as you like but please try to record them at least once a week. Have fun!


It would be great if you sent any pictures of you doing some physical activity to your year group emails.


Mrs Lee

PE Leader