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Parent-Teacher Partnership

Here at St. Helen's, we believe that parents have an important role to play in the education of their children and we greatly value their support and encouragement.


Parent / Teacher Consultations

During the Autumn Term an Information Meeting will be held. Specific information regarding curriculum and daily arrangements are discussed and shared.


A parent/teacher meeting is held during the Autumn Term where targets are set for the coming year. These are normally held in October for Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2) and in November for Foundation Stage.


Another parent/teacher meeting is held in the Spring Term, normally held in February for all year groups. This meeting allows the teacher and parents to discuss a child's progress and how best to help a child at home.


The Summer Term meeting is a celebration of the year's achievements. Children are encouraged to bring their parents to the school to show them their books, Art, work, displays - an opportunity to 'share their learning'.


The meetings in the Autumn and Spring Terms are for parents only; no children should be brought into school on these occasions. However, in the Summer Term we welcome all family members, including brothers, sisters and grand parents.


In addition to the above meetings parents are welcome to make appointments with the school office, to see the class teacher at any mutually agreed time to discuss progress and/or any concerns.


Please Note: Only one appointment per child at Autumn and Spring Consultation evenings.


Home / School Diary

A home/school diary is provided and encouraged as an ongoing means of communication between the teacher and parents. Primarily, it is used as a communication regarding the targets that are set in Reading. The class teacher may record comments, which he/she feels will be useful to both child and parents.


Parents are encouraged to take an active role in the completion of the home/school diary and are requested to comment on the target. Parents are also encouraged to enjoy, read and talk at home about the books and any other materials that the children take home.



All children should read regularly at home. An information booklet is given to children in Foundation Stage offering suggestions of how, when and where to read. Information Meetings are held in the Autumn term at the school to inform parents of the methods being used.


The weekly school Newsletter will also include activities which will support your child's learning at home and we recommend you engage in them. Once children reach Band 7 in reading, they will be given a Homework book and they will be asked to write 1 sentence per week about the story. From Band 8 onwards, children will have a set of questions to answer - in sentence form - in their Homework book. They will have 1 week to complete this activity. However, we recommend that no more than 20 minutes be spent completing the questions.