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EYFS Information 2019-2020

Friday 20th March 

This week we have started learning about Spring! On Monday we walked around our school grounds, looking out for signs of Spring. We spotted flowers blooming, blossom on trees and new buds on trees. We also heard birds tweeting and saw a robin collecting twigs for a new nest. We all helped to create flowers for our Garden Centre role play areas. In the role play areas, the children have enjoyed planting seeds and watering flowers. They have even started to create seed packets to play with in there.


In Literacy we have read Spring poems and created our own class Spring poem. Each line started with 'I see...'


In Come and See we have started to think more about Lent and why it is an important time for us as Catholics. We know that in Lent we try to focus on spreading kindness, being helpful and loving. We talked about how we can best demonstrate our school motto, 'Love One Another.' The children drew pictures of them sharing, hugging their friends and playing nicely with siblings, in a heart and wrote 'Love One Another.'

Friday 13th March

This week In Foundation we have covered some more Julia Donaldson stories, 'The Gruffalo's Child' and 'Stick Man'. The children have enjoyed the challenge of trying to make their own stick man with twigs, wire and pipe cleaners.  


We have carried on thinking about a woodland habitat and made our own woodland habitat scene. The children have collaged trees and painted woodland animals. We have learnt some of the names of the habitats of woodland animals, for example, a rabbit lives in a warren. See if your child can tell you the name of a fox's habitat.


In Maths, we have been adding two amounts together by counting on. We have learnt to hold the big number in our head and count on with the smaller number. We have tried solving number sentences.


The children have been learning about QR codes. They have been using iPads to scan the code and find pictures of Julia Donaldson stories. See what QR codes you can find when you are out and about.


In Literacy, the children have done some lovely writing linked to Stick Man. They have written about what adventures he gets up to in different settings, such as on the beach or at St. Helen's!

Friday 6th March


This week we have loved learning about Julia Donaldson. We have particularly focused on The Gruffalo. In our woodland role play areas we have been making owl ice-cream, roasted fox and scrambled snake! 


We have started learning about what a woodland habitat is like. We have talked about the types of plants which grow there and are starting to think about what animals live there, which we will carry on learning about next week.


In Maths we have carried on learning about 3D shapes. We predicted whether they were able to roll by looking closely at the properties - do they have curved/rounded or flat faces? Are there any points or edges?


World Book Day was so much fun because we covered three different Julia Donaldson stories! We did Zog, Room on the Broom and Charlie Cook's Favourite Book. The children all looked so great in their costumes, many thanks for your support on World Book Day and sending the children to school in fabulous costumes! The children loved telling us about the character they were dressed up as.


The glitch which appeared with Tapestry over Half Term should now be fixed and if you were unable to upload photos from Half Term you should now be able to. Thank you for your patience with this issue.

Friday 28th February


This week we have learnt lots about the start of Lent. We enjoyed Shrove Tuesday because we helped make pancakes and eat one! On Ash Wednesday we learnt that the ashes are to help remind us to be a friend of Jesus. We presented our Lenten Promises at the Ash Wednesday service. See if your child can tell you what their Lenten Promise is and encourage them to keep it.


We started our week by being architects and builders to help the Three Little Pigs. We designed and labelled a new house for them all and have been building houses using different materials throughout the week in our builder's role play areas. We discussed what materials were best to build a house and why.


In Literacy we have been doing lots of instruction writing - how to build a house, how to make pancakes and how to catch the Big Bad Wolf! What instructions could you write to help at home? Maybe, how to lay the table or how to get dressed?


In Maths we have been looking at 3D shapes and learning their names and some of their properties. We talked about what real life objects these shapes remind us of. For example, a cylinder looks like a tube of Pringles and a cone looks like a volcano! See if you can find things at home that look like different  3D shapes.


Next week we will be learning lots about Julia Donaldson for World Book Day. What Julia Donaldson books can you enjoy at home?

Reception Classes: 1, 2 and 3

Friday 14th February 2020


This week in Come and See we have been talking about how we gather at Mass as a parish family. We have acted out a Mass as a class and lots of us have chosen to do this throughout the day as well. We have liked pretending to be Father Martin and leading our friends in a prayer or a hymn!


In Literacy we have continued thinking about the Gingerbread Man and watched him in Shrek 2! We watched a clip from the film where a giant gingerbread man rescued Shrek from a castle. We loved acting and pretending to be giants in the classroom and on the playground. We thought about what we would do if we were giants and drew pictures and wrote a sentence about it.


In Maths we have been weighing different objects. We have compared and talked about what is heavier or lighter and are starting to weigh objects using cubes.


We have been enjoying painting a lot this week, painting pictures of different characters from the Gingerbread Man and from Shrek 2.


We learnt about staying safe on the internet on Tuesday. We all created an avatar on a painting app. We learnt that it was safer to have an avatar which didn't look like us so that we are safe online. Some of our avatars were rainbows, aliens, the Hulk and mermaids!

Friday 7th February

This week in Foundation we have been looking at the story of The Gingerbread Man. We have all tried to make bridges to help the Gingerbread Man cross the river safely and not get eaten! We used LEGO, wooden doweling and masking tape, Mega Blocks, lolly sticks and blu tac, and stickle bricks.


In our Creative Workshop this week we have been colour mixing to make brown paint for the Gingerbread Man. We have also been trying to build a boat with junk modelling in there. We worked out how to make it waterproof and tested it to decide if we needed to make improvements.


In Literacy we made our own story plans. First of The Gingerbread Man and later of their own version! We have had sharks chased by octopuses and cats chased by elephants!


In Maths we have been sequencing our daily routines and discussing what we do on different days during the week.


In Come and See we started a new topic called Gathering. We talked about how much nicer it is to be with people and how it's better when we play games with our friends. We thought about times we have loved playing games with our special friends.


Friday 31st January

This week in Literacy we investigated a crime scene in our role play areas! We turned into detectives and found a broken chair, spilt porridge and other clues! The children drew pictures and made notes about the crime scene. They helped to take photos of the clues and make labels for them. They all realised that it was Goldilocks! The children have loved completing activities about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


In Maths we have been comparing length and size in relation to the Bear’s chairs and beds.


In our Creative Workshops, the children have made new chairs for Baby Bear. They have also painted pictures of a Bear.


In Come and See we finished our topic of Celebrating. We listened to celebration music and remembered different celebrations we have enjoyed. We remembered the Presentation Story


Friday 23rd January

This week in Literacy we have been watching clips from Frozen! We have written sentences about the different characters in Frozen. We are enjoying using our Kung Fu punctuation to help us remember our full stops and capital letters.


This week in Maths we have started solving subtraction number sentences, taking away 1 or 2 from numbers up to 10. eg. 7-1=/4-2= We have used cubes to help us solve them. You could try using pasta shells or buttons to solve simple number sentences at home.


We have enjoyed finding out different ways to melt ice. We investigated with warm and cold water and salt. Please ask your child to tell you what happened to the ice.


In Come and See we learnt the Presentation Story where Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to the Temple. While they were there, they met Anna and Simeon. We are remembering that Simeon said that Jesus is the light of the world.


Friday 17th January

This week in Literacy we have been trying to write sentences about polar bears and penguins. We thought about what they can do, what they look like and what they like. We have started using Kung Fu punctuation to help us remember our capital letters and full stops.


In Maths we have been counting backwards from 10 and then 20, and finding 1 less from numbers to 10 and then 20.


We have been listening to The Waltz of the Snowflakes from The Nutcracker and pretending to be snowflakes dancing to the music.


In Come and See we have been learnt that we are all a part of our parish family. We talked about all the lovely things we can do with our parish family, such as going to Mass and having a cake in the Hall afterwards. We talked our parish priests and what they do for us.


Friday 10th January

Welcome back!

The children really enjoyed dressing in their hats and scarves and having hot chocolate to start our topic of ‘Polar’. We have learnt about polar bears and penguins and that they live in the Artic and Antarctica. We have also started to learn about what it it’s like to live in these cold places.


In Maths we have focused on counting backwards. We have counted back from 10 then 20 and also looked at backward number sequences and singing counting back number songs. Click here for a link to one of the songs we have been singing in school.


Our new Come and See topic is Celebrating. It would be lovely to see photos of the children enjoying different celebrations. These photos can be brought into class or you can upload them to Tapestry. It could be a family party, a Christmas party, a wedding or anniversary celebration they have been to.