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EYFS Information 2020-2021

Friday 29th January

This week we have been practising our new sounds, ‘ai’,’ee’,’igh’,’oa’. These are tricky digraphs and trigraphs. When you are reading, try to see if you can spot any words that have these sounds in them. When writing, please make sure that you are referring to the handwriting sheet, to practise the correct formation of each letter.

In Maths we have had a great week adding amounts using both the tens frame and the number track. The children have been getting lots of practical objects to help them understand addition and the vocabulary associated with addition before they see a number sentence. Well done to everyone this week.  We are so pleased to see the photos that you send in each day of your children’s learning. Thank you all for your support.


Next week, we have an additional live lesson of RE for each class.

Class 1 Live RE lesson is 2.30pm on Tuesday

Class 2 Live RE lesson is 2.30pm Monday

Class 3 Live RE lesson is 2pm Wednesday


Please talk to your child before this lesson about sitting ready to listen. It is a time when we will be sharing experiences and being reflective and we ask that your child can participate in this away from any  distractions.

Thank you. 

Have a lovely weekend

Friday 22nd January


Well done everyone! We would like to say a massive thank you for sending us the daily emails to show us your remote learning. Lots of children are logging into the live lessons each day and we are so excited when we see everyone ready to learn with us! We know that it is very hard, juggling work and learning with your children but we are very thankful for all that you are doing. Please continue to send the emails of the children’s work to us daily, if your child is finding things a bit tricky, please let us know as we can then advise on how to adapt the work for your child. We are here to help you.


Next week our live lessons are changing back to the times of last week, please look on teams for your invite to each lesson. We are trying to make things simple for you to follow. Please bear with us when the lesson is live, we know that some of you find it hard to keep connected for the whole lesson but remember we are relying on everyone’s wifi and internet connections. Please try not to disturb the lesson with technical issues but email the class teacher who will then look at these after the lesson. We do provide all the powerpoints that we use during the live lesson on the website so that you can look through it afterwards if you have missed something.


Have a lovely weekend, keep warm as it might get very cold!

Friday 8th January 2021


What a busy week, we are so proud of all of you for sending in so many examples of the children’s work this week, they have all been working hard. We have been so overwhelmed by how you have all been emailing the learning daily and we have been able to reply to you each day too. Hopefully you have all found your own way with our planning and finding the resources and powerpoints useful to support your child’s learning at home.


We really enjoyed the live chat today and seeing the children at home. It was lovely to hear all the new toys that the children received at Christmas. Thank you for all your support on the technical side as well.


Next week we will be delivering the English lesson live each day. Please note the times of the lessons for each class below. If you can attend the live lesson then you will not need to complete the powerpoint on the website. If unfortunately you are unable to attend then the powerpoint we are using is on the website and we have tried to follow the same format as the videos last week so that you will be able follow it.

Just a reminder that during the live lessons, we will not be using the chat function, so if you have any questions/technical issues with the lessons please let us know via the year group email. Please can you ensure that your child is sitting at a table, facing the screen and ready to learn. Also, we will need to ensure that your screens are blurred but we are now aware of technical issues that may be hindering us a little with this. We will try our best to ensure that all participants are accepted but if your signal drops out and you have to renter we may not be able to let you back in immediately. Thank you for your understanding whilst we deliver the live lessons.

Please read the instructions of each lesson carefully to see if any equipment (pencil and paper etc) is needed for the session.


And lastly, if possible, when your child is completing their English work please can they use a writing pencil (not a coloured pencil) to continue the routine that we have at school. Please try to only write in lower case letters too (only use a capital letter for the first letter in their name.)

Friday 11th December


This week we have been learning the Nativity story and writing about what happens when Baby Jesus was born. We have focused on the visitors that Jesus had and remembered which gifts they brought Jesus.  In Maths we have investigated lots of 3d shapes and started to recognize their names. We have learnt cone, cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere. Keep looking for these shapes over the next few weeks especially when Santa brings some presents!

Our last day for class post boxes was today, Friday 11th December, we will not longer be able to accept any cards in our class bubbles.

Next week we will still be reading with the children and practicing sounds and words so please continue to bring book bags as normal every day.

SNAP 12 days of Christmas Competition (Please click on the link below)

This week your child’s homework is to complete one of the 3 creative entries stated on the poster (a short story, a list or a song).

Please return the entry to school on Thursday 17th December and complete the required details on your child’s envelope if you wish for them to be entered into the prize draw. We will deliver them to SNAP.

For every entry your child makes, they have the chance of winning a prize.

A £5 donation is also given to the SNAP (Special Needs and Parents) charity from Bennetts for every entry they receive. You can make extra entries if you wish and post them in the post boxes listed up until 5th January.


Have a lovely weekend, remember the importance of your Advent calendars and that Jesus’ birthday is nearly here!

SNAP 12 days of Christmas Competition Information

Friday 4th December


This week we have read the story “Ten Little Superheroes” by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty and learnt about rhyming words. We have also learnt the new sounds j v w x y. Please keep practising these sounds at home.


In Maths we have been learning about length and measuring objects using different equipment. We have compared two objects and said which is longer and which is shorter as well as measuring each object using lego bricks or counters.

In RE we have focused on the Advent wreath and started to listen to the story of the birth of Jesus.


Each week, you will be parentmailed the Wednesday word which explained the Gospel reading for the week and has activities for the children to do too.

Please keep looking at your Advent Calendar every day and read the daily activity.

Please keep practising any words for your festive assemblies.


Christmas Post Boxes are now open so if the children are writing cards to their friends please ensure that they are all correctly named on the outside and they must be in school by Friday 11th December. This includes Class 2’s postbox so any cards delivered to the classroom after the 11th will not be able to be delivered. We will also not be able to deliver cards to friends in other classes as per the parentmail sent earlier this week.


Have a good weekend.

Monday 30th November

Still image for this video
Mrs Boness reading ‘Supertato.’

Monday 30th November

Still image for this video
Mrs Boness reading ‘Ten Little Superheroes.’

Friday 27th November


This week we have been finding facts about the Police and Fire Services and the important jobs that they do. We have been learning how to label pictures of the vehicles that they use.

In Maths we have been learning the days of the week and talking about different times in our days.

We talked about coming to school, lunchtime and the end of the day and we are starting to look at the clock to see these times. Over the weekend, see if you can talk about morning, afternoon and evening events and can you remember what happened yesterday?


We have been busy planning our festive assemblies. Please look in your child’s yellow reading diary for any words that we would like you to practise. Please note that all clothing will need to be in school by Friday 4th December, this is a change to the information sent last week.


Next week, we will be learning about rhyming words and reading the story “Ten Little Superheroes” by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty. In Maths we will be comparing objects by their size and start to use different objects to measure with.

Monday is the start of Advent in school. Please look at the advent calendars that have been sent home today and share the message each day.

Lastly, we have really been impressed with the children’s knowledge of the sounds of the alphabet, they are really working hard to remember these. Please keep practicing the sounds and the names of each letter as well as any words that we send home in their plastic wallets. Thank you.


Have a good weekend.

Friday 20th November


In Reception this week we have been writing about the important jobs that Doctors and Nurses do. We have found out information about doctors and nurses working in surgeries and hospitals and about how we travel to hospital in an emergency.


In Maths we have continued to practise carefully counting amounts and matching them to other amounts as well as numbers. Please keep practising number recognition at home. We have also been continuing to understand how to add one or two more to an amount.


Our RE focus this week was Judaism and we learnt about the story of the Oil in the Temple where a menorah candle stayed alight for 8 days with very little oil. We drew our own menorahs to help us to remember this miracle.


This week we have had lovely PE lessons outside. The children did very well trying very hard to dress and undress by themselves. Please practise buttons at home (Don’t worry about the hard top bottom!) Some children did not have tracksuits in their bags. The tracksuits can be any colour. If you wish your child to have a tracksuit please send it in in their blue school bag or a separate carrier bag.


Next week we will be learning about other emergency services that help us and the vehicles that they use. We will start to learn about the days of the week and begin using vocabulary related to time eg morning, afternoon, evening, lunchtime, playtime. We will be thinking about the order that we do things every day.


This year we will be having our own class assemblies for Christmas. We are busy planning our assemblies at the moment and we would ask that you could provide us with the following


Class 1 – Christmas Clothes or Christmas Coloured clothes.

Class 2 – Own hats and scarves (it doesn’t have to be the school uniform gloves and scarves )

Class 3- Smart party clothes


All clothes will be needed in school by Friday 11th December in a clearly labelled bag ready for the following week.

Friday 13th November


We have had a busy, fun packed week in Reception. We designed and made evil pea traps based on the story of Supertato. We have been learning the sounds h,b,f,ff and practising reading words with these sounds in them. We have also looked at objects that begin with these letters.

In Maths we have been thinking about adding one more to a collection of objects and finding many practical ways to show this.

We have been participating in Inter Faith week and learning about the creation story from the five main religions and we learnt how some of them are similar to others. We have learnt that No matter what religion or faith we are, we need our planet to be healthy, so that we can be happy and healthy on it.

We had lots of fun during Maths week, learning about an artist called Auguste Herbin and using shapes to create pictures like his paintings. We solved clues to open a treasure box and we have had so much fun making our own board games. Thank you so much for all your help with dressing like a shape. The children loved sharing their outfits and telling us about the shapes that they had focused on.


Next week we will be continuing our Superhero topic by learning about real life superheroes working in the NHS. We will be revising all the sounds that we have learnt so far and practising forming each letter correctly. In Maths we will be continuing to look at adding one more and two more to different amounts.

Lastly, Monday is the start of Anti Bullying week. Please remember to wear odd socks to show that we are all different and unique and we want to celebrate our differences and recognise that it is fine to be different.

Have a relaxing weekend.

Friday 6th November


This week we have started our Superhero topic by reading the story “Supertato” written by Sue Hendra. We had some special vegetables captured in our classrooms and we enjoyed hunting for them and drawing pictures of how they had been trapped.


In Maths we focused on patterns using colours and shapes. We looked at some patterns and started to think about which shape or colour would come next. We also made patterns of our own. Have a practice at home making a repeating two or three colour pattern, remember to say the colours out loud to check that they are repeating.


In Phonics we have learnt ck, e, u, r. the letters ck are a digraph ( two letters that make one sound ) See if your child has remembered this word (digraph) to tell you about at home.


Next week we will be completing lots of different activities for Inter Faith week, Remembrance Day and Maths Week. We look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday wearing their favourite shape or shapes.

Thank you to everyone who is uploading photos and examples of the children learning at home, we really appreciate the time you are taking to show us how the children are developing. Thank you for commenting on the photos that we upload to you too.


Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 23rd October


This week we have been exploring Autumn and we had a lovely Autumn walk to look at the changes that have happened already. We noticed the acorns had fallen, the trees were changing colour, there were mushrooms growing on the field, it was windy and getting colder and that some birds were eating berries. Enjoy lots of lovely walks over half term and see if you could see any other signs of Autumn. We would love to see a photo on tapestry of anything else that you can spot!


So far this term we have learnt the sounds S A T P I N M D G O C K . Please practice recognising these sounds in your reading books and saying the names and the sounds that each letter makes.


In Maths we have learnt about circles, squares, rectangles and triangles and hunted for them in lots of different pictures and around our classroom. Where else can you spot these shapes?


After half term we will be changing our topic to Superheroes. Have a think over half term about Superheroes that you can name. Would you like to be a superhero? What would you do?


Friday 16th October


This week  we learnt about different types of bears and where they live. We will be continuing to find out more facts about them next week.

In Maths we continued to practise counting carefully and matching objects. We practised reading numbers to 20 too.

For Black History Month we learnt about the life of Harriet Tubman and how she was so kind and helped 300 people to have a better life. We learnt that she had to help people to escape at night and made lanterns to help us to remember her amazing story.


Next week we will be going on a Autumn walk around our school to recognise signs of Autumn. Over the next few weeks, send in a photo of any signs of Autumn that you can see around your garden or in the park. You can send these to us on Tapestry or by using the Year group email.

In Phonics we are practising the sounds g, o, c, k. We will be revising all the sounds already covered and blending them to read words too. Keep practising these sounds at home (you will see them in the front of the yellow reading diary) and when they are confident at saying the sound and the name of each letter we will cross through it.

In Maths, we will focus on 2 d shapes, look for them in our environment, name them and build with them using different materials. We will also continue to practise recognising numbers and counting carefully.

Please continue to send in photos of your child’s baptism for their RE lessons. It was lovely to share some of them with the children this week.


We look forward to speaking to all of you for Parents Evening on Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Friday 9th October

We have had so much fun this week reading the story “Bears don’t eat egg sandwiches” by Julie Fulton and Rachel Suzanne. We have talked a lot about sandwiches that we like to eat and we drew pictures of our favourite sandwiches.


Our focus letters for Phonics were S,A,T and P. We spotted pictures that begin with these sounds and recognised these sounds in some of our reading books. Have a practise hunting for these sounds in the books that you have at home. Can you spot them in other places too?


In Maths we have been learning to count amounts carefully. We have practised lining the objetcs up and then tapping each object carefully and counting slowly.


Next week we will be learning facts about Bears. We will be learning about Sun Bears, Moon Bears, Brown Bears, Panda bears and Polar Bears. We will find out where they live and what things they like to eat.

In Maths we will continue to practise counting carefully and matching objects. We will be focusing on the numerals and trying to match these to the amounts too.


We are starting our Welcome topic for Come and See which teaches the children about Baptism. If possible could you upload a photo of your child’s Baptism onto tapestry. We will then share these during our lessons.

Friday 2nd October

This week we have had lots of fun reading the story “We’re going on a bear hunt” by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury and completing lots of activities including creating maps, drawing pictures, printing bears and acting out a bear hunt together in class and outside!


In our Come and See lessons we have learnt that God knows we are precious. We thought about people who are precious to us.


Next week we will be focusing on recongising sounds, writing our names clearly, counting amounts and recognising different amounts. We will be reading the story “Bears don’t eat egg sandwiches” by Julie Fulton and Rachel Suzanne and discussing our food likes and dislikes as well as talking about healthy food. 


Thank you to everyone who has already activated their tapestry account. If you haven't received an email please check your junk folder and then email us using the Foundation email to support you in setting up your child’s account. ( Some of you have already started to comment on the photos as well as send us photos and videos of learning at home; Well done to you! There are still a few forms outstanding so we have sent these letters again so that we can then set up these accounts.


Please look in the back of your child’s yellow reading diary to find your child’s log in details for Bug Club (Active Learn Primary ) where they can access reading books online.

There is also login details for Mathletics. The children can log on and complete Maths activities in a fun way.

You will also find an October Reading Challenge sheet stuck in your child’s reading diary today. Please read this week’s newsletter with more information about this.

Friday 25th September

Well done for a brilliant first week. The children have really settled in to life at school and have enjoyed making new friends. Thank you for following the social distancing measures on the playground too, we really appreciate it!

Lots of the children have been bringing in their PE bags, wellies and raincoats. Just a reminder that all items need to be clearly labelled as we already have some brand new wellies and raincoats without labels on.

Please ensure that your child has a named water bottle in school each day (no metal chilly bottles please.) We do ask that you fill it before coming to school and get the children used to carrying it rather than putting it in their bags to avoid damaging reading books. We will refill their bottle in school if they drink it all.

We have read with all the children this week and they now have their first reading books in their bags. Please sit down and read/ talk about the pictures with them for at least 5 minutes each night. Don't forget to write in their yellow reading diaries to show that you have been reading at home.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 18th September

Welcome to Reception. It was lovely to see all the children settle so nicely for their stay and play session today. The children all had a great time, we hope that you did too. Next week will be having our part time sessions, please remember to be prompt when collecting your child from their class. We look forward to next Friday with our first full day in school with all the children.  

Thank you to everyone who has completed their forms for Tapestry; we will be setting it all up after the 25th September, so look out for an activation email after this date. 

Please start to bring in raincoats, wellies and PE bags from next week.

Have a lovely weekend.