We are now open for Reception, Year 1 and Key Worker's Children.
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Admissions - Information

Pupils with Disabilities

Pupils with disabilities are admitted without discrimination.  Facilities are provided to meet individual requirements and the school policy is consistent with the Disability Discrimination Act  1995.


Special Education Needs

The school follows the Special Education Needs Code of Practice, produced by the Department for Children, Schools and Families.


There is a Special Needs Co-ordinator within the school who is responsible for monitoring those children who have special educational needs.  Any child who is regarded as having special education needs, will be given support or extension activities depending on their particular need.  The Headteacher, the Special Needs Co-ordinator and the child’s class teacher, will work in close partnership with parents. Where necessary, an individual learning programme (known as IEP) will be implemented.


Pastoral Care, Discipline and Anti-Bullying

Each teacher has special responsibility for his or her own class.  The whole school community works together, as far as possible, to create an environment where each individual is valued and treated with dignity and respect.


Rules exist for the general safety and well being of everyone in the school.  Particular problems are referred to the Headteacher.  If problems persist, then parents will be notified.


Child Protection

St. Helen's Catholic Infant School aims to provide a secure environment for all children during school hours.  Parents should be confident in the knowledge, that all staff within the school environment, are mindful of their responsibilities towards all children.  Children enter the school each day secure, in the knowledge, that all adults within the school will show them due care and respect.


Visiting the school

Prospective parents are very welcome to visit the school.  Appointments can be made through the school office and, where possible, the Headteacher will show prospective parents around the school and provide further information if required.