School is closed except for key worker and vulnerable children until further notice. Please follow government guidance and we look forward to seeing you all soon.
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School Times

Lessons begin at 9.00am promptly. The School doors open at 8.45am and the Class Teachers are in the classrooms at this time every morning.  It is advisable to ensure that your child arrives at school at 8.55am at the latest.  This will then give them a chance to put away their bags, say hello to their friends etc.. before lessons begin.  We strongly recommend that all children arrive at school at 8.45am.


School finishes at 3.20pm. If you pick your child up, they must be collected from outside their classroom at this time.


Home Time Arrangements

You must let us know by filling in the Home Time Arrangements form, your child's home time arrangements for each day.  If they are to be picked up, you must let us know who will pick them up each day.  Please Note if a person arrives to pick up your child who is not on your form, we will not let the child go with that person.


If there are permanent changes to these arrangements, a new form must be completed.  If there are temporary changes, you must either write a letter to the class teacher informing of the change for that day or you must ring the school office before 3.00pm - a verbal message from a child is not considered adequate.  Email to the school office is also NOT accepted.  


If your child is to go home by coach, you must fill in this form detailing the Coach Contract Number, Route and Stop.  If for some reason your child is not travelling home from school by coach when this is the normal arrangement, a letter MUST be sent into the Class Teacher explaining the change of arrangements - a verbal message from a child is not considered adequate.  Email to the school office is also NOT accepted.  All coach children will be escorted to their usual coach unless a letter or a phone message is received by 3.00pm.


Coach Transport

Children who arrive by coach, will be escorted by school staff from the coach to their classrooms from 8.45am.  

At the end of the day, all children will be escorted to the coach by school staff.


Contact Information - IMPORTANT

In addition to the information you provide in your application form, please make sure that we have your current telephone numbers (including mobile numbers) or let us know how we can contact you in case of an emergency.  


Late Policy

Children who arrive at school later than 9.00am are marked in the late register.  If your child is late more than 5 times, you will receive a letter from the Head Teacher.  If a child continues to be late, another letter will be sent.  If the problem persists, you will be called to a meeting with the Head Teacher.  The Education Welfare Officer may also become involved. Punctuality is extremely important.



A school newsletter is sent home each Friday.  It includes general information, important dates and 'ways to help your child' with their learning.  It is always printed on bright yellow paper.   Do look out for it and digest the contents.  If you have registered for the ParentMail system below, an electronic copy will also be emailed.



We use a service called ParentMail to communicate with parents by email and text message.  This is a very useful service and we encourage all parents to participate.  A ParentMail form detailing your contact information (email & mobile numbers) is required to be completed by you to give permission for your details to be included.


Book Bags

A Book Bag is needed to put books in.  These are available from the School office only and has the school logo on it.   We do ask you to purchase it as it fits properly in the school boxes.  It should be brought into school every day.


It should be brought into school every day an should only contain their reading Diary (which will be given to your child when they start school), and reading books provided by the school.  Foundation Stage children will also have a word wallet.  No toys to be put in bookbags.   Do not attach key rings as they are dangerous and could hit another child.  If you want to personalise your child's bookbag, please use a small sticker.



Diary Dates for this academic year 19-20